13 amulets to protect and attract good energy to your home

This year is not easy, to change the game, attract more luck and good energies to your life and your home, see amulets and symbols that help drive away the bad agouros.

Greek eye or Turkish eye:

Greek eye or Turkish eye. Photo: pexel
Greek eye or Turkish eye. Photo: pexe
He became well known in Brazil at the time of the novel Salve Jorge. This amulet so popular in Turkey and Greece continues to gain strength among Brazilians.It is very common to see keychains, bracelets and chains with turkish eye to protect people from bad energies. Hang the Turkish eye on the front door of your home or in front of the entrance of the house. It will help to "kick" the bad luck.

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Santos and Cruz:

Symbols and amulets associated with religion. They are used to ward off the evil, envy and negativity of the house and people. Put it in the front door of the house to protect. Learn how to set up an altar at home here. 


An ancient amulet that many wear behind the entrance door, on the stop of the trade door, on the neck slide and even in the mirror of the car. The fig is used to ward off bad energy, bad luck and envy. Also to attract luck.

Water source:

Water next to the entrance door or in front of the entrance is a great amulet. Moving water cleans energy, wards off bad agouros, breaks envy and attracts luck and prosperity. But it has to be running water. They can be water fountain, waterfall or water mirror.

Star of David:

Star amulet with six tips. One of the oldest Christian amulets. It protects people, homes, commerce and the car from the bad energies that can disrupt our lives.At home, put it behind the front door.

Hamsá or Hand of God:

It is a stylized hand, used as an amulet for protection. Often, the hamsa brings an eye to its center, indicating protection against evil eye. It is also known as the hand of God, the hand of Fatima, the eye of Fatima, the hand of Myriam, or the hand of Hamesh. This symbol also represents Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage – the five pillars of Islam.


Very old amulet that is used to protect the home and residents as it absorbs good energies. Hang it behind the door, with the bow up. The ideal is to have seven holes for nails.

Eye of Horus:

Eye of Horus. Photo: pexel

The god Horus would have lost his left eye in a battle against evil and, in his place, would have been placed a snake's eye. Strong symbol of strength before enemies. It protects the house and people from bad energy. Hang it in front of the door.


It is an instrument or amulet widely used by the Chinese and in Feng Shui to protect the house, the company and the car from bad energies and energy desiquilíbrio. Hang outside the front door. Baguá also gives name to the study of the plant of your house to know how to decorate to attract better energies. Here's how to apply baguá in your home or apartment here. 


Amulet that has the power to open or close doors and opportunities. It can open paths, facilitating achievements. It is said that it "closes the body" against evil spirits and evil eye. A key can symbolize secrets and silence. Put it behind the front door.

Chinese coins:

Chinese coins. Photo:Pexel

Very auspicious amulets that refer to the union of the energies of the sky (represented in the round form) and the energies of the earth (represented by the square shape). Chinese currencies attract prosperity, wealth and luck. Also financial growth to those who own them.Put it in the bag and on the doorknob.


Symbol of strength, wealth, luck and wisdom. Longevity is also one of its attributes. It attracts wealth and prosperity. With the trunk up is an effective amulet to attract luck and at the same time ward off negative energies. In the form of statue should be used with its back to the main door.


Amulet that wards off bad luck and envy. Such power must come from its strong and burned taste. If a person wishes you evil, the pepper would ward off your evil intentions with the same voracity with which it attacks your taste buds. It is considered by mystical tradition one of the best amulets to combat envy and evil eye, as well as to "dissolve" low frequency energies. Put it next to the entrance to the house.

By Franco Guizzetti
To learn more about the author, Franco Guizzetti, please contact fvct@uol.com.br, 3287-2786 or Franco Guizzetti's Facebook profile

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