Characteristics of the signs: Aries



Aryans are children of the element fire and ruled by Mars, the god of war and passion. They are warriors, in the true sense of the word, need a cause to fight for. Without this cause of combat, they faint and deliver the sword and armor. Aryans are quarrelsome, stubborn and very hot, in every way.

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Impatient and rebellious, they don't usually bow their heads for nothing and no one. They are idealistic, courageous and usually act very skillfully and quickly. People of this sign are adventurous, and an adventure can be a journey, a financial challenge or even your career.

They are smart and creative and often become great entrepreneurs and executives. Aryans are free and independent, owners of their own lives. Don't even try to make them something they're not, you're going to get hurt. They are usually quite childish, and it takes some good falls and frustrations for them to learn some lessons.

The first is that the world, in addition to not turning around itself, does not usually obey anyone. The world and life happen on their bewhile. Controllers, aggressive and impulsive, seduce even themselves in front of the mirror. Plus, they know they're irresistible.

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