Ascendant: see how the world sees you (physically and emotionally)

The ascendant is nothing more than a kind of second sign that everyone possesses and represents how you appear to be and presents yourself to the world. It's the first impression we make when we meet new people.

The ascendant explains why people of the same sign have such different personalities. Also, according to astrology some traces of his physical appearance can be identified (but this is not always so obvious). If you don't know what your ascendant is, you'll need to know the time of your birth and make an astral map.

Ascendant in Aries

Physical appearance

  • Authoritative tone of voice
  • Penetrating, frank and direct look
  • Eyebrows attached to nose
  • Face with triangular or square shape
  • There's always a scar on your face or head
  • At some stage of life, he paints his hair redhead


  • Solves any problem
  • It has focus and many objectives
  • He is impatient and has short fuse
  • Anxiety is your trademark
  • You know what you want and you go back boldly
  • He's competitive and hates dealing with failure

Ascendant in Taurus

Physical appearance

  • Fleshy and sensual lips
  • Quiet and serene appearance
  • Rounded and attractive eyes
  • Walk slowly with tranquility and lightness
  • Gain easy weight and fight the accordion effect
  • Likes to wear accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets…)


  • It is discreet and avoids controversies
  • He's shy with someone he doesn't know
  • Don't give up your goals easily
  • Likes to take naps for several hours
  • You care a lot about your money
  • He has a great appetite, besides being a fan of good restaurants and quality food

Ascendant in Gemini

Physical appearance

  • He is anxious to communicate
  • He appears to be younger than he is.
  • Seduces and loves to stir discreetly
  • Gestures with your hands while chatting
  • Small chest and long legs
  • He smiles a lot and has a unique laugh


  • It has a good labia
  • Your mood is volatile and unpredictable
  • Make decisions and then change your mind
  • It adapts easily to the circumstances of life
  • You know how to do a lot of things at the same time.
  • Your curiosity makes you commit many sins

Ascendant in Cancer

Physical appearance

  • It has body with curves
  • Fight against accordion effect
  • Expressive and compassionate look
  • His face is rounded like the moon
  • It has a sweet and shy child's look
  • Your emotions are noticeable on your face


  • Your mood is fickle
  • He's the owner of a super intuition.
  • You walk away when something's wrong for you.
  • He's very fond of home-cooked food
  • It's great to turn the game in your favor
  • Has a strong connection with your home and family

Ascendant in Leo

Physical appearance

  • Straight and upright nose
  • Strong and well-made hands
  • Seductive and magnetic look
  • Square shoulders and muscular neck
  • It's common to be blond or dye your hair blonde
  • Vast and bulky hair, like a lion's mane


  • Loves taking pictures
  • It has an energy that infects
  • Your charisma is your trademark
  • He's proud and hates admitting his mistakes
  • Demonstrates to be confident (not always)
  • Creates many expectations in everything you live

Ascendant in Virgo

Physical appearance

  • Suspicious look
  • Very delicate features
  • Nice and sonly face
  • He appears to be younger than he is.
  • Body well made and well proportioned
  • Have some nervous tic or weird mania


  • You like everything your way
  • You take life very seriously
  • You hate relying on others
  • He's worried and very anxious
  • It's not sentimental or romantic
  • He's shy, but he knows how to communicate very well.

Ascendant in Libra

Physical appearance

  • Delicate skin
  • Charming smile
  • He's got an angel face.
  • Attractive and provocative eyes
  • Dimples on chin or cheeks
  • It has a great tendency to gain weight


  • Hates making decisions
  • You can't say no to people.
  • Do everything you can to live in peace
  • It may seem a little distant and lost
  • Love life gets priority in your life
  • He is a great listener and has good advice

Ascendant in Scorpio

Physical appearance

  • Thick eyebrows
  • Relatively wide waist
  • Triangular or square face
  • Has a tendency to obesity
  • Firm, penetrating and mysterious look
  • Great liveliness on the floor and gestures


  • You're very loyal when you love
  • Has a strong affective memory
  • Can't disguise your jealousy
  • It is determined and only plays to win
  • You don't like to talk about your private life.
  • Has a strong sexual appetite and loves to seduce

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Physical appearance

  • Straight nose and oval face
  • Big and beautiful smiling
  • It has a unique and high laugh
  • Almost always almond-shaped eyes
  • Young appearance even in middle age
  • Eternal struggle with the scale (accordion effect)


  • Sharp and accurate sincerity
  • It is restless, idealistic and independent
  • He's carefree and hates to follow routine
  • Debauchery is part of your communication
  • Loves to face new challenges and adventures
  • You always do a lot of things at the same time.

Ascendant in Capricorn

Physical appearance

  • It's not much to smile at
  • Serious and suspicious look
  • Long, pointed nose
  • Ossudo and sometimes disproportionate body
  • Small eyes and backgrounds
  • He appears to be older than he is.


  • You know how to act coldly
  • He is responsible, reliable and ambitious
  • You'd rather everything be done your way
  • Cares about appearance and reputation
  • Can't trust anyone
  • Likes to dress according to the occasion

Ascendant in Aquarius

Physical appearance

  • Pleasant presence
  • Oval face, straight forehead and well-made
  • Has constant changes in appearance
  • It has an eccentric touch in the way it is
  • Different appearance from other siblings
  • Hair with different colors and cuts throughout life


  • It's common not to be sentimental
  • You value your release very much
  • Likes to be well informed
  • Impatience is clear in your actions
  • Good, friendly, eccentric and genius people
  • You don't let anyone be influenced by anyone

Ascendant in Pisces

Physical appearance

  • Average height and small body
  • Well-made head, oval forehead and large
  • Rounded and childish big eyes
  • Striking look with an air of mystery
  • It has a bit 'lost' air
  • Warm smile and strong empathy


  • It's highly creative
  • Has a strong intuition
  • You can abuse alcoholic beverages
  • He's considerate, dreamy and unpredictable
  • Feel people's energies and environments
  • Have difficulty saying 'no' to people

How to discover the ascendant

You must have three information, necessarily: the date, the time and the city of birth. The last two, by the way, must be accurate in order to get an exact photograph of the sky at the moment. "Everyone is the result of the date, time and place where they were born.

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