How each sign betrays its partner

We're not saying that all signs betray… Just telling them how they can betray you in case they actually do that.


Part of his adventurous nature, Aries can't avoid betraying his partner. Even worse is that they won't even deny it. They're going to blame the victim. They are so individualistic that they create mechanisms to justify their treacherous behavior.


Taureans are usually loyal and hardly ever betray. However, if Taurus ends up cheating on you, it probably means he fell in love with someone else. When he stops loving or finds someone he loves more than you, it can be very painful.


That cliché case of betrayal with the best friend probably happened to a Gemini. The Geminis establish their acquaintances as targets of their seduction. Due to the kind of blatant method, so to speak, the chances of the Gemini being caught in the flag are higher. And they're going to leave you in an awkward situation in front of your family and friends. But the fact is, the Gemini simply doesn't believe in monogamy.

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Cancerians are really bad at this cheating business. They just don't know. And so when they cheat they get caught in the act almost immediately… While they are sensitive and seek the right person, they are afraid that they will break their hearts. And this search for someone special who can complete it is that ends up making Cancer betray.


Leoninos usually do not betray not because they are loyal, but only to avoid the whole drama that usually comes with a betrayal. They value their comfort above all else and see no problem sleeping with a single person for the rest of their lives as long as it means peace. For Leo, cheating doesn't make sense. It only brings complications.


Not always, but Virginians can be masters at betrayal. They can simply have an affair for life without their partner finding out. That's because they plan everything very well, imagining and avoiding any and all scenarios in which they can be caught in the act. Sometimes they're very efficient liars. Virgo is also known to keep at least an emotional 'back up'. Virgo can love you and three other people at the same time and do everything in a way that you won't feel ignored, nor notice. Although some of the sign see problem in this polygamy and have a more rigid stance in love life as well.


The Librians, on the other hand, are the masters in the art of deception. They can have one or two cases indefinitely and without raising suspicions. They keep multiple back-ups even if they are caught. They're also very convincing and they're going to make you believe that everything in this life has a motive… Even your betrayal.


Scorpio are not good at the business of cheating because they take relationships very seriously. However, people in general can betray their Scorpio partners because they fall in love very easily. That is, unlike fame, Scorpio is much more betrayed than for traitor. But once they cheat, they're not going to leave the relationship unless they're forced to. And they tend to be honest and open the game when they cheat.


For Sagittarius, cheating is a game. And how he loves this game! He dives deep into any case opportunity and, most of the time, has several 'schemes' for each day of the week. In fact, it's the only time the Sagittarius worker enjoys life. They know it's not right and they try to get it right, but they just can't help it. But they regret it, see?


Of a freer nature, Capricorn does not give so much importance to betrayal. He simply won't regret cheating and doesn't care how his actions affect others. They are also usually smart and anticipate the next steps, which makes it harder to get caught. But when they are, they're going to try to justify their attitude or pretend to regret it. They're the kind that cheat more physically than emotionally. In their minds, they simply stopped and breathed fresh air after so long in a relationship… and so, for them, betrayal is not so immoral.


Aquarians often practice emotional-type betrayal. They cling very quickly and end up in love with the case. They're like those kids who are never happy with their toy and always cry asking for a new one as they pass in front of the store. They are never satisfied with their achievements, so they keep cheating, more and more… And they don't want to hide it from their partner.


Fish is usually very smart, so he's hardly caught in a betrayal. They plan the betrayal well, but no crime is perfect, right? Pissicans are often manipulators and make their partners believe they are the only ones in the world. Your treason techniques are almost as good as those of seduction. One minute, they'll be telling you how much they love you, and the next, having a drink with some affair.

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