Prayer and statements of cleansing of the Archangel Michael

Since the time is of change and renewal, how about a cleansing of the energy of your life and astral?

For those who want to do an "astral cleaning" to start 2016 cleaner, follow affirmations or Prayer of Cleansing of the Archangel Michael.

1. I renounce any expectations regarding my evolution and spiritual progress. I live at the moment every day, focusing on the goal of restoring harmony and balance of my body, my spirit, my emotions and the whole with my Higher I.

2. I make all agreements made with my mother, father, children, stepchildren, husband (or wife), ex-wife (or ex-husband) or any other people who may retain me in the third dimension.

3. I renounce all invalid concepts about my worth, my perception of love, joy, peace, security, harmony, abundance, creativity, vitality, health and well-being, old age and death.

4. I renounce the need to want to save the world or any human being in it. I am aware that my mission is to accept my mastery and live being an example of life and love without expecting anything in return for anyone.

5. I free myself from all the prejudices and cellular memories about my physical body. I claim my divine right to beauty, vitality, health and well-being, aware that they are my natural state and that it is enough to follow the impulses of the spirit so that this perfection may manifest itself.

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6. I give up any expectations about my creativity and my work. I work and create for pleasure, aware that abundance and resources come from the Spirit and my self-confidence and not just from my effort.

7. I waive any conditions of the third dimension that government institutions or the like want to impose on me. They won't be able to control my person, nor my abundance or my safety. I have full powers to manifest security, be independent and command my own destiny.

8. I free myself from all the carmic waste and debts, as well as from the inappropriate energies in me and in my physical, emotional and astral body. I resolve all conditioning with pleasure and clearance to expand the light and join the co-creators of Paradise on Earth.

9. I free myself from all false conceptions about my ability to attain knowledge, wisdom, and
relevant information from the Spirit and the higher dimensions. I thus obtain new knowledge, concepts and wisdom that allow me to learn, grow and serve as a living example.

10. I renounce any judgment, preconceived idea or expectation of other beings, knowing that they are
find in their perfect place and evolution. I give them love and encouragement and limit myself to offering them information when they ask, taking care to remind them that my truth may not be theirs.

Channeled by Ronna Herman

By Franco Guizzetti
To learn more about the author of the article, Franco Guizzetti, please contact or (11) 3287-2786.

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