The 4 most undecided signs

Try asking the undecidedwhere they want to eat and you'll have a frustrating conversation that will last forever. Spoiler alert: you will eventually decide in the end because they don't have the resources to make a choice.

It's not that they don't know where they want to eat. It is mainly because they do not want to offend anyone by choosing the wrong place, and these zodiac signs are the most undecided: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. Therefore, if you have plans with any of the following zodiac signs, it is best to be prepared to set the itinerary yourself.

Certain zodiac signs are quieter about how plans flow. However, despite their "relaxed" nature, they can certainly make things seem less easy. They think that by allowing you to decide where to go, they're simply being generous.

What they don't realize is that decision makers don't always want to be responsible for the final decision. Sometimes decision makers want to let someone else decide for a change. When you're playing "I don't know, where do you want to eat?", decision makers are a little disappointed.

GEMINI: you think all options look great.

Geminis are the devil's advocates par excellence, so honestly, you're surprised when they can't make a simple decision? Some people know what they want because they know the difference between night and day. But a Gemini? They see how night and day are so similar and know that they both have redeeming qualities. In the Gemini universe, they would love to live in a world where night and day existed at the same time. Beautiful, but seriously unreal.

LIBRA: you really don't want to choose, do you?

When a zodiac sign is known for balance and harmony, you know that it can't choose a side. The Librians are famous for being mediators and conflict solvers because they can understand both sides of a discussion. What they sacrifice for this understanding is their ability to simply make a decision. They don't want to offend anyone or cause any conflict, so being undecided and staying neutral ends up being Libra's modus operandi, but it definitely prevents them from making a choice.

SAGITTARIUS: you don't really care what happens.

Sagittarius are changeable signs who love to go wherever the wind takes them. For a Sagittarius, any decision is an adventure, so why stay in the comfort zone? While someone else may prefer to make the same choice all the time, a Sagittarius is terrified of his own preferences. Because they have a preference, they're already inhibiting themselves, and following the rules is something they don't want to do. But to be honest, they don't really care what happens. They will find a way to have fun regardless.

PISCES: you really don't want to make the wrong choice.

If there's a zodiac sign that has a martyr's complex, it's Pisces. Even if the choice you make is exactly the opposite of what a Piscean wants, he will be happy to agree with her. Why is that? Because these undecideds love the opportunity to sacrifice their own happiness for the good of others. It is true that this quality of them can be very serious, but they are willing to do it anyway. The last thing a Pisciano wants is to be selfish, so he will behave selflessly on purpose just to prove that he is not selfish. It's incredibly undecided.

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