3 Zodiac signs full of resentment and seeking to punish people

3 Zodiac signs full of resentment and seeking to punish people3 Zodiac signs full of resentment and seeking to punish people. Photo: Pexels

Most people enjoy the fact that letting go of residual anger and feelings of resentment is the only way to build lasting friendships with people.

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However, there are some signs that often burn bridges with people due to their inability to let things happen. They see the glass as half-empty and often people trying to blame them.

From Cancer to Virgo, take a look at some Zodiac signs that NEVER let go of resentments and seek to punish people.

1 – Cancer

This sensitive lunar sign has a dark side not everyone knows. They tend to overthink about events that occurred and then often remember instances where someone wronged them.

They stay grumpy for long hours and swear to get back at the person who disdained them. The only issue is that they would never convey the extent of their pain or frustration to that person but rather hold silent resentment.

2 – Virgo

A Virgo has a somewhat pessimistic view of life. They don’t have a sunny disposition like some of the other earth signs because they never allow themselves the luxury to stop and smell the roses. They also love intensely and hate passionately, ensuring they hold onto resentment for a long time.

They give people the silent treatment and the cold shoulder to let them know they made a mistake.

3 – Libra

Their kind nature and polite behavior might never make you consider them as people who hold grudges. However, this air sign can easily get hurt when people take their kind nature for granted.

They don’t forgive easily, and their passive-aggressive nature makes them attack individuals with resentment.

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