5 Ways to Make a Scorpio Regret the End of the Relationship

5 maneiras de fazer uma pessoa de Escorpião se arrepender do término do relacionamento. Foto: Pexels
5 Ways to Make a Scorpio Regret the End of the Relationship
. Photo: Pexels

Breaking up is generally painful, but breaking up with a Scorpio is simply devastating. There’s something about this breakup with a Scorpio that hurts much more than with any other sign.

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The truth is, they can be utterly addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms!

But that’s not your destiny, and you deserve better! I think it’s time to let your Scorpio ex know exactly what they’ve lost!

Astrology will show you how to make them feel that they hurt you and made the biggest mistake of their life!

Here are some tips and tricks to make them regret and want to turn back time.

1 – Find someone new immediately

Scorpios are as possessive as they appear, second only to Taurus! And you can take advantage of this weakness because they already have their ego bruised by not being able to keep you around… have fun!

If you already have someone as a backup plan, it is recommended to approach them immediately and post some personal photos of the two of you on social media. But be careful, avoid Snapchat as it reveals who viewed your story, and a Scorpio definitely doesn’t want you to know they’re looking! Anywhere else, it’s a sure bet.

Pair it with a glamorous caption about how you’re head over heels for the person in the photo or how you didn’t see what was right in front of you. Any Scorpio post-breakup will see that and say, “Ouch.” It will surely hurt to know that someone else is on your mind.

This will instantly cause pangs of regret when they see you having a good time with someone else.

By following this step correctly, the Scorpio person won’t be able to get over you!

2 – Act naturally and without suffering (even if you are)

After breaking up with a Scorpio, it’s natural to feel hurt since Scorpios are great at hitting where it hurts when they want to. However, it’s time to pretend as much as possible while trying to make this Scorpio regret everything they did to you and the suffering they caused.

It’s time to show them that you don’t care about what they did or said to you while you were together. This Scorpio had no idea who they were dealing with.

So now, it’s time to show your bad side! This will confuse the Scorpio because they expect you to fall apart after the breakup, as they spent a lot of time convincing you that you couldn’t do better, even if it was done subtly.

Dress up, go out, and act as if you’re fine. This is the biggest slap in the face for the Scorpio, and nothing will hit their ego more than your bold and shameless self-confidence and well-being!

3 – Send them a direct message

This may seem counterintuitive – shouldn’t we act as if we don’t care? Absolutely! You shouldn’t send a message talking about how sad you are and how much you miss the relationship. The focus is to project that pain onto them!

Ask them how they’re doing after the breakup, inquire about how you can help them deal with the situation, and be open to understanding what happened. “It will help you heal” is a GREAT technique to make it seem like you know, you’re fine, but you’re concerned about how they’re coping with it!

This kind of mind game is great because it leads them to believe that you never doubted that you would be fine but have concerns about their mental health after the breakup. This will make them believe that you always saw them as the weaker one, and it’s nothing more than an extremely subtle insult to the Scorpio!

So go ahead and send some well-being check-ins sprinkled with “Hey, how are you?” This will subtly let them know that you have reasons to be concerned about them, and not the other way around!

They will regret how things fell apart because they will blame themselves for letting you think they needed your help… it’s doubtful, but it gets the job done!

4 – Take care of yourself

Self-improvement is the best revenge! Not only will you drive them crazy, but you’ll genuinely feel like this breakup is the best thing that ever happened to you!

What were you interested in and thinking of doing when you were single? What did your relationship keep you away from? Go back to those ideas and see if you can pursue them again! This will give you power and make you feel on top of the world.

Sometimes, after a relationship, there’s a motivation to tone up and become healthier – follow that impulse! Scorpios are physical and sexual beings. If they see you in your prime physical condition after you’ve both separated, it will disrupt their plans and make them wish you’d come back to them!

5 – Post sexy selfies

Maybe you’ve decided to turn to meditation and yoga to get your head straight after a traumatic breakup with a Scorpio. You’re doing diaphragmatic breathing like a champion and have toned arms and abs! Wow, look at you!

Embrace it! Take some intriguing photos and post them on social media. Scorpios are highly motivated by sex and physical attraction. When you’re at your best after ending your relationship with a Scorpio, they’ll be absolutely furious that they don’t have access to all that beauty you possess!

A little flexing never hurt anyone… except your ex! Try taking numerous photos of your progress with each defined muscle, which will make the Scorpio wonder how the breakup motivated them to improve.

In the end, all of this will make them regret letting you go because you’re getting better and better with time – and without them!

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