8 negative traits of Leos you should know

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Many Leos you encounter will have a quite regal air about them, much like the lions they are named after. Fire signs born between July 23 and August 22 are vibrant and unique. They rule the celestial jungle as kings and queens.

Leos value belonging to a group and are often trustworthy and powerful people. Everyone they know finds them attractive because of their unique aura. They go above and beyond to assist the needy as they are born to help. They are not deterred by the time and energy it might take to aid their loved ones.

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Furthermore, they are fiercely protective of their loved ones and friends. Their prime concern is often maintaining family unity, stability, and health, so any familial divisions have a significant impact on them. People born under this sign rarely lose touch with others or lose relationships, as they have strong bonds with their family and friends.

A sense of entitlement

Those with a sun sign in Leo are driven by their ego and become deeply hurt when slighted. They often develop an unwarranted sense of entitlement due to their pride and like to flaunt a sense of privilege. As a result, these individuals often struggle when made to follow others’ instructions.

They smother loved ones with their arrogance

Leos often have the power to infuse warmth, glow, and life around them. They prefer being surrounded by a substantial social circle of people who will adore and value them. However, their urge to dominate and control their social circles can make them appear smothering to friends and family. Also, they might end up being overlooked and left alone, which is practically the worst thing that can happen to a Leo.

They act childishly

When it comes to their pride, some Leos can be downright fragile, making them sensitive to criticisms of any kind. When they feel overlooked, these sensitive signs might act immaturely childish around their friends and loved ones. Some even act out until they get the spotlight they so desperately seek.

They can be self-centered and vain

Leo zodiac signs like being the center of attention, much like our Sun does in the solar system. They enjoy receiving flattering praises, which often come readily their way. Leos can be perceived by other signs as extremely arrogant and self-centered, leading them to distance from people they deem a waste of time.

They never stop showing off

They often attract other signs towards them due to their inherent dignity and charisma. Many lovers fall prey to Leo’s magnetic allure. However, an insecure Leo will occasionally be seen flaunting their abilities excessively. Many Leos seek external validation, even if their pride prevents them from admitting it.

They can be lethargic

Leos are energetic, theatrical, and passionate individuals who greatly enjoy being in the limelight. They are incredibly fervent and impulsive, though they can have a tendency to be lethargic. They don’t always love their work, as they also enjoy being lazy.

Some find them argumentative

A strong fighter, a Leo is like a lion. They are committed to fighting for their beliefs, despite the many obstacles they face in life. Leos are known for their never-say-die spirit. In defending their lovers, they become fierce like roaring lions, but they also never back down from a fight, making them argumentative. They often are the first to pick a fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend but refuse to apologize for their mistakes due to their combative nature.

Loyalty isn’t their strong suit

Leos might date several people before settling down with “the one.” In their love lives, they can be dramatic, often engaging in tantalizing and provocative games to test their partners. Some underdeveloped and married Leos frequently commit infidelity and flirt with colleagues.


Leos love luxury and material goods. They like accumulating wealth and opt for careers that pay well and offer the chance to be in charge. They are excellent protectors and leaders. As a result, they often serve as the foundation of social groups and take the initiative in decision-making and planning. Most Leos have an innocent appearance, and their optimistic personalities make them fun to be around.

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