Characteristics of the Signs – Cancer

Characteristics of the Signs - Cancer
Characteristics of the Signs – Cancer

Cancer: Emotional

Cancerians are children of the water element and ruled by the Moon. They are among the most sensitive in the zodiac and, because they are ruled by the Moon, they constantly change phases.

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The famous mood swings and human instabilities become even stronger when it comes to Cancer people.

Their emotions are intense and possess a purity and almost childlike innocence. Intuitive and emotional, male or female Cancerians love and give themselves easily.

Cancer is traditionally the sign of family, as well as being very conservative. The past is often more intense than the present. This is because they hold on and find it difficult to let go of what no longer makes sense, be it an object, a house or a relationship.

Their intuition is the strongest we can find in the zodiac. They are subjective and never go straight to the point they want to reach. They circle around, disguise, give hints, and expect the other person to perceive their intentions without having to explain.

Crabs do not fight, they are not aggressive or combative. They usually endure everything and are often abused because they cannot set boundaries. Their worst side is in the attempt to manipulate and control. Most of the time they succeed, as they are subtle enough to get what they want.

They love easily and need to be needed. Maternal, they take care, welcome, and protect like no other sign in the zodiac.

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