CARACTERÍSTICAS DOS SIGNOS - Sagitário. Foto: pexels
CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SIGNS – Sagittarius. Photo: pexels

Sagittarians are children of fire and ruled by Jupiter, the great benefactor of the zodiac, king of the gods in mythology.

Sagittarius: Idealist

It is symbolized by the Centaur, half animal and half divine, with bow and arrow pointing to the Universe. Sagittarians are idealists, and it is always the ideal that makes them walk forward in life.

They have an intense thirst for living, which can, often, create some problems for them. They feel like they are always missing out on something, be it a relationship, a project, or anything that they have never tried.

Sagittarius has a deep intuition about what will be a trend or fashionable, even before it is. They are natural launchers of products and trends.

Philosophical and religious, but not necessarily orthodox, Sagittarians, men or women, feel a kind of call that leads them in the direction of the sacred, inside and outside themselves.

Restless, anxious and unstable, they are always in search of new stimuli: from unknown people, different places to visit, and mainly, new countries to get to know.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SIGNS – Sagittarius. Photo: pexels

Sagittarius loves to know and mingle with other cultures, adores the whole travel process, from start to finish.

Boredom is a word and a feeling that do not usually form part of the life of people of this sign, because their restlessness does not allow life to stagnate in some sector.

Sagittarians are quite ethical and seek the meaning of all existence. They are morally developed and do not feel at peace before finding the meaning of their own life.

They have an animal side (let’s remember that he is half horse) and knows how to kick like no one else.

Sagittarians are aggressive, they usually tell the truth, regardless of who it hurts, little caring if you are prepared to hear it.

Sagittarians are also quite sensual, as they usually do not set aside the pleasures of life, especially sex.

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