Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs - Pisces
Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Pisces: Sensitive

Pisceans are children of the water element and ruled by Neptune, the god of seas and oceans.

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They are intense and extremely emotional. We can say that, alongside Cancer, they are the most sensitive people of the zodiac and have great difficulty accepting reality, life as it is.

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They are unstable, emotional, intense, and dramatic, as well as extremely generous. They usually don’t understand the limits and duality of life. Right and wrong, good and evil are always relativized by people of this sign.

The lack of boundaries can be so great that they end up being abused by the people around them.

It is very common to find people of this sign, men or women, exhausted from offering so much without receiving anything.

The lack of boundaries can lead them to trouble with drugs and alcohol; therefore, this is their greatest lesson: knowing when to stop.

Pisces is a born actor, as they can adapt to any environment, person, or situation.

They are often easy prey for ill-intentioned people because they are naive and always believe that human malice only exists in soap operas and movies. Pisces are accommodating and slow to react, even when suffering.

They often accept the punishment and sacrifice that life imposes on them without complaining or doing anything to change their situation. People of this sign have sensitivity above what is normal or humanly possible.

They are psychics, mediums, and perceive the invisible currents behind human deceit. But, most of the time, they let themselves be carried away by them.

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