Combination of signs – Aquarius and Capricorn

Combinação de signos – Aquário e Capricórnio
Combination of signs – Aquarius and Capricorn. Photo: Pexels

Discover which signs match best among all the zodiac signs – Aquarius and Capricorn

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Aquarius and Capricorn

The sign of Aquarius has two sides and usually lives in conflict with them: one side is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Time, highly conventional and orthodox in its rules and attitudes, dedicated, objective, and determined, “mimicking” our dear Capricorn, and the other side, ruled by Uranus, a planet entirely involved with freedom and cooperation, as well as with everything that is most modern.

Therefore, this relationship has two sides, as Aquarius can be among the least conventional of the signs and have some quite innovative and unusual attitudes.

There is a traditional Aquarian and if that is the case, the relationship is likely to work out. It’s similar to a Capricorn/Capricorn relationship, and stability will win.

However, if it’s a modern and contemporary Aquarian, the relationship will certainly encounter problems due to differences in temperament. Aquarius is lively, modern, unconventional, highly sociable, and loves filling the house with friends.

Capricorn is closed off, traditional, attached to family and the past, and very, very reserved.

Aquarius has its eyes turned to the future and is a completely mental sign, it lives through intellect and experiences life through mental elaboration. Aquarius loves a busy life and opens the house to anyone, as long as they bring knowledge and joy.

Capricorn does not open its house and will not sit at the table with those they do not like or know well, as they are quite discreet and reserved.

Capricorn has a self-absorbed temperament and a strong character, but is loyal, serious, committed, and very, very faithful. We can’t say the same for Aquarius, with its need for freedom, it can make a date and not show up, without giving any explanation, for example, leaving the Capricorn partner furious.

Aquarius will provoke all sorts of irritation, jealousy, and insecurities in Capricorn, as Capricorn is controlling and emotionally insecure. Aquarius is unstable and inconsistent, often unfaithful, while Capricorn fights daily for structure, stability, and durability no matter what.

Severe differences mark this relationship that is likely not to work out.

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