Combination of Signs – Aquarius and Leo

Combination of Signs - Aquarius and Leo
Combination of Signs – Aquarius and Leo. Illustration:

Discover which signs best match among all zodiac signs: Aquarius and Leo

This is a duo that vibrates on the same astrological axis; therefore, they are opposite and complementary signs. This pair, if they set aside egocentrism, can do a lot of good and teach each other a great deal.

Leo is centered and concerned with himself, his image, and the opinion of society in general. It is egocentric, and its task is to find itself and identify with what it finds. Aquarius is concerned with society, with politics, but it is also egocentric and couldn’t care less about anyone else’s opinion.

It does what it wants, no matter who it hurts, as long as it preserves its identity, independence, and freedom. Social differences awaken the best quality in Aquarians, who need a cause to defend, even if it’s just in their neighborhood.

Leo is fascinated by Aquarius’s immense capacity and concern for the community and may even get involved in some causes alongside their partner and even fight for them. Aquarius’s learning curve is to look at an individual and give themselves. To look at the individual, not the community. To understand and not fear the emotional world within oneself and within others.

This is easy for Leo, as it is a sign involved with love and human passions. The development of individuality, a difficult task for Aquarius, is one of the qualities that Leo most exudes. These two signs, dogmatic, stubborn, and egocentric, need to learn to respect their differences, otherwise, the relationship tends to become a battleground.

Aquarius is so concerned about the community that they forget to look at those closest to them, which can leave the proud Leo furious and dissatisfied. Leo only has eyes for themselves, and this will certainly be the worst of their characteristics in Aquarius’s eyes.

In bed, they can get along very well, with passion and freedom.

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