Combination of signs – Aquarius and Libra

Combination of signs - Aquarius and Libra. Photo: Pixabay
Combination of signs – Aquarius and Libra. Photo: Pixabay

Discover which signs best complement each other among all the zodiac signs – Aquarius and Libra

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Both ruled by the air element, the strongest point of this relationship will be the intelligence and intellectual capacity of both signs. Conversations and a shared love for culture will bring this couple to life.

They can spend hours and hours talking, exchanging ideas, and always with great respect for each other’s opinions and choices.

The Chinese often say that when we choose someone to accompany us in life, we should choose someone we enjoy conversing with. If we follow this path, this is the ideal couple. Another common point is their love for freedom.

As two air signs, they must understand above all that freedom is essential for both, so there’s no room for trying to repress each other’s movements.

Jealousy and possessiveness will definitely not be points of conflict between them, as both understand the relationship in a mental rather than visceral or manipulative way.

An active social life, parties, gatherings with friends, and a always-filled home will be other notable characteristics of this couple. Libra, although very traditional and refined, doesn’t mind Aquarius’ advanced and contemporary ways, which actually become a point of balance between the two.

Libra is more conservative and faithful, but if everything goes well, Aquarius can maintain the loyalty that our traditional Libra demands in a relationship.

It’s unlikely that Libra will lose their cool, which can happen more easily with our anxious Aquarius. Libra can be a stabilizing force for Aquarius, and Aquarius will appreciate Libra’s constructive observations regarding Aquarius’ excesses.

Love will be refined and intellectual, but from time to time, our Aquarius friend will add a little extra spice to the relationship with some of their own craziness and irreverence, typical of their sign.

No emotional outbursts or overwhelming passions. Both despise that kind of theatricality in life, the despair, visceral feelings, and drama. Certainly, such a balanced and interesting relationship will maintain the same interests even in the most intimate moments.

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