Combination of signs – Aries and Capricorn

Combinação de signos – Áries e Capricórnio. Foto: Pixabay
Combination of signs – Aries and Capricorn. Foto: Pixabay

Discover which signs have the best compatibility among all the zodiac signs: Aries and Capricorn.

Here we have two goats together, and as everyone knows, goats are quite stubborn.

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Both are hard-headed, each in their own way. Capricorn is one of the most controlling signs of the zodiac, and Aries is one of the most independent.

Both are authoritative, but again, each in their own way.

This combination tends to be a bit complicated, as Capricorn’s need for control will clash with Aries’ desire for freedom.

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Arians are eternal children, while Capricornians are born old. Their routines don’t match, and each finds pleasure in different things.

Arians are sociable and outgoing, while Capricornians are closed-off and introverted. They have nothing in common, and the best thing they can do is maintain a good and loyal friendship.

Aries’ need for adventure and novelty will drive Capricorn crazy, as it triggers their unconscious fears. This is when control begins, which can be the fuse of a bomb ready to explode in the relationship.

Capricorn will do everything to hold back our eager ram seeking movement, but every attempt will result in failure. The stage for complications is set. Arguments begin, along with Capricornian manipulations and Arian lies.

Another thing: Capricorn is reserved, shy, ambitious, and discreetly sensual, not to mention their loyalty.

On the other hand, Arians love taking risks, adventuring, sometimes irresponsibly, not to mention their well-known need for conquest.

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