Combination of signs – Pisces and Scorpio

Combination of signs – Pisces and Scorpio. Photo: Pixabay
Combination of signs – Pisces and Scorpio. Photo: Pixabay

Pisces and Scorpio – Discover which signs best match among all the zodiac signs

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Two water signs together can be a great blend when it comes to love and passion. This might be a good relationship, as both vibrate on the same frequency.

The emotional realm is where they swim most effortlessly in this life, and one can help the other save themselves from the emotional misery that exists in this world.

Only a water sign can understand another water sign’s discontent, and Scorpio, with its depth and ease of contact with its own misery, can grasp Pisces’ struggle to adapt and live in peace in this world of disparities and power.

An interest in life beyond the material will be a common point between these two sensitive and mysterious signs. Passion and interest are kindled right from the first meeting. Scorpio is intense, and Pisces understands the depth of its intensity, as it embodies the depth of the oceans.

Love and passion will be another strong hallmark between the two. Each will recognize themselves in the other’s world, finding numerous affinities, especially emotional ones. The thirst of one is quenched by the other, but they must be very careful about the emotional dependency that can arise from both sides.

Both are familiar with human shadow, the shortcomings and dissatisfactions of all human beings, as they can dive deep into their own waters. Not even feelings of possession and extreme jealousy can scare Pisces, who will allow Scorpio to over-exercise authority and control.

There will be no competitiveness, as Pisces not only doesn’t care but also has no intention whatsoever of exerting any kind of power over the other.

Pisces will offer Scorpio the peace it so seeks, the comfort, and emotional security it rarely experiences, since Pisces is a sign that above all seeks deep peace and tranquility. In bed, emotion and passions will set the tone for the profound encounter.

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