Combination of Signs – Scorpio and Gemini

Combinaison des signes - Scorpion et Gémeaux. Photo : Pexels
Combination of signs – Scorpio and Gemini. Photo: Pexels

Discover which signs match best among all the zodiac signs – Scorpio and Gemini

This is a tough combination, unless something in both of their charts could change this tendency.

Scorpio is a water sign, highly emotional and sensitive, prone to delve into life and relationships, which can be difficult for the light and superficial Gemini to follow.

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Scorpio is dense and introspective, totally opposite to Gemini, an air sign, light and laid-back.

Scorpio carries within themselves hard-to-solve or even identify anguishes, and this deep way of dealing with life can frighten Gemini and make them a little skittish.

Gemini doesn’t like very deep people, not out of prejudice, but because they do not understand this depth.

They are, for the most part, superficial people, and this superficiality can deeply irritate our Scorpio friend, who may act destructively and aggressively, which will make Gemini pack up their things and leave, without any guilt. And from that point on, the circus may be set up.

An aggressive Scorpio can destroy the sensitivity and lightness of our Gemini butterfly. One is pure emotion, the other pure intellect, something hard to mix.

But if there is genuine love, one can teach the other the importance of these two sides of life and find some balance.

Scorpio, being one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac, will not tolerate any Gemini flippant behavior in this regard.

In bed, they can get along well as long as the relationship is at the beginning.

But over time, Scorpio will demand commitment, something that can be scary for our Gemini friend.

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