Combination of Signs – Scorpio and Scorpio

Combination of Signs - Scorpio and Scorpio
Combination of Signs – Scorpio and Scorpio. Photo: Pixabay

Discover which signs have the best compatibility among all zodiac signs – Scorpio and Scorpio

Two children of the water element and ruled by the powerful Pluto together indicate an intense and dangerous relationship of all or nothing. Depth and passion will be the trademarks of this explosive relationship.

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In the beginning, passion will dominate the relationship, and sex may be the best they have ever experienced.

The intensity could be overwhelming for other signs, but not for Scorpio, as that is the language they both understand best.

Love, rapture, passion, intensity, but also outbursts, fights, jealousy, and arguments will be the strongest characteristics of this relationship.

If there is maturity, it will last a lifetime, but if not, the deep shadow of both will destroy the relationship.

The most important thing for this couple to make it work is for each of them to know how far they can go, the limit of what the other can bear, respect above all else, so that destructiveness does not consume the relationship.

If the boundaries are crossed, this relationship can become tyrannical and dangerous.
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A relationship like “Fatal Attraction” can arise from this mixture. If jealousy, possessiveness, the need for control, manipulation, and blackmail are not controlled, this relationship can end unhappily, leaving deep scars on both.

If there is maturity and understanding, as mentioned before, the best of each individual can emerge, such as loyalty, the need for affection and physical contact, sensuality, and loyalty, which are always present in people of this sign.

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Marriage can be a goal if one feels a good emotional response from the other.

Love blossoms and is built intensely but respectfully.

Love for home, maintaining the family, the children who will certainly come, and the enjoyable lunches with close friends will also be strong points of this couple.

Such deep, emotional, loyal, and mysterious people have everything to succeed.

Sensuality will be the strongest point of this couple. Sex should function as a meeting of souls beyond the physical encounter for harmony and integration to be satisfying.

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