Combination of Signs – Taurus and Scorpio

Combinação de signos – Touro e Escorpião. Foto: Pixabay
Combinação de signos – Touro e Escorpião. Foto: Pixabay

Discover which signs go best together among all the zodiac signs: Taurus and Scorpio

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These are opposite and complementary signs, and without a doubt, this is the most explosive combination in the zodiac. Taureans are children of the earth, and Scorpios are children of water.

The earth gives shape to water, while water nourishes the earth. Sensuality is the focal point of this pair, and therefore, it’s Eros who commands the relationship.

Passion will be immediate, and the attraction irresistible. They certainly won’t be able to avoid the encounter, which will have sex as the center of the relationship.

But it won’t stop there. If the sex is good, other common qualities begin to emerge. This pair, which is undoubtedly the most sensual in the zodiac, places sex above all in the relationship.

If this area isn’t good, forget it; the relationship tends to become neurotic and unhealthy and may even last, but in an unfriendly or unloving environment. Neuroses will take over both.

However, if you can achieve a great understanding in this area, this relationship will become the most promising of all that we can find.

Romance, sensuality, affection, loyalty, stability, and durability will be the marks of this wonderful pair.

But danger always lurks when there’s intensity of feelings, as feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, which both have deeply rooted, can be a more destructive element of the relationship.

Scorpio should be careful with the need for manipulation and blackmail, as Taurus may take a while to notice it, due to their known naivety, but when they do, they won’t tolerate underhanded games. And when they realize the situation, they’ll flare up and breathe fire until Scorpio shrinks back.

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