Discover the Best Cat Breed for Your Zodiac Sign

Discover the best cat breed for your zodiac sign. Photo: pexels
Discover the best cat breed for your zodiac sign. Photo: pexels

Everyone has a cat breed that most resembles their zodiac sign. Want to discover yours?

Keep reading to see which cat breed you are based on your sun and/or rising sign:

Aries: Bengal Cat

Everything from the vibrant patterned fur of this breed to its large athletic build resembles Arians. In fact, if you saw this cat running towards you, it would be like being hunted by a wild cat in the jungle.
Although, despite their active personality and intense behavior, Bengal Cats are as affectionate as they are playful. Similar to the ruling planet of Aries, Mars, they also tend to be larger than other breeds.

Taurus: Persian

It’s no coincidence that Persian cats are often called “doll faces,” Taurian. Similar to your ultra-elegant ruling planet, Venus, there is nothing more sophisticated than this cat breed.
This attractive breed is generally relaxed, as they prefer to snuggle with their owners for a night of coziness. Patient and gentle, Persians can be very affectionate and loving with their owners, if they trust you.

Gemini: Abyssinian

Bright and deeply curious, there’s something inherently fickle about the Abyssinian, just like Geminis. They are often recognized for being “dog-like,” specifically in their eternal desire for exploration.
They are agile and intelligent, which not only makes them an excellent hunter but also a bit mischievous in interacting with their favorite humans. Despite being playful, they are not very affectionate kittens.

Cancer: Scottish Fold

If you look closely at this breed, you’ll notice that their sweet muzzle is round, just like the moon. Although, besides resembling their mystical ruling planet, the big, affectionate eyes of the Scottish Fold are also incredibly communicative and attention-grabbing.
As if that’s not enough to make your Cancerian heart race, they are also as sweet and huggable as they appear. Despite requiring little maintenance, this cat breed prefers the company of their favorite humans.

Leo: Ragdoll

Similar to the warm and charismatic sun, which is also your ruling planet, the Ragdoll is as social as it is majestic in appearance. Friendly and vocal, this breed has a lot of love to give, but for that reason, they are also much needier than other cat breeds.

Virgo: Maine Coon

Maine Coon. Photo: Pexels Maine Coon. Photo: Pexels
Kind and friendly in their immediate environment, you and the Maine Coon are similar in your grounded yet fickle nature, Virgo. Their mystery is as deep as their color patterns, and that’s why no two Maine Coons are exactly alike.

Another notable thing about this cat breed is their innate obedience and devotion. The Maine Coon is large in stature, but their warmth and friendship are the reasons why many consider this breed ideal for families and families with children.

Libra: Siberian

There’s nothing your Venus-ruled sign loves more than love, and this cat breed is no different, Libra. You and this short-haired kitty prefer to be in good company, but also never fail to bring sweetness.
Although, beyond the loving temperament of the Siberian, they also possess an independent streak, similar to your cheerful essence and ruling element, air. It’s a delicate but enchanting balance.

Scorpio: Siamese

To say this breed is territorial would be an understatement, but such behavior is not strange to you, Scorpio. And without undermining your eternal love and affection, you can be quite intimidating if threatened and/or if a boundary is being crossed.
Similarly, the behavior of the Siamese cat is known to be challenging with their owners, specifically due to feelings of jealousy and/or separation anxiety. You and this cat breed are really hard to handle.

Sagittarius: Cornish Rex

Your energizing and extroverted nature are some of the many reasons why you stand out, and your cat breed is similar in its endless agility and enthusiasm, Sagittarius.
Despite being a small to medium-sized cat, their extraordinary charisma explains why they can appear taller than they actually are by standing on their hind legs.

Capricorn: American Shorthair

Similar to the origins of this breed’s “working cat,” you take pride in being a successful breadwinner who can keep the fort, Capricorn.
A traditional breed that became widely known in the late 1800s, their vintage aesthetic goes hand in hand with the history of this classic cat.

Aquarius: Sphynx

Everything you need to know before adopting a Sphynx cat. Photo: Pexels Sphynx. Photo: Pexels
If the Sphynx cat had a ruling planet in astrology, it would be none other than the erratic Uranus. Similarly, nothing about this cat breed is normal or typical, at least when compared to their other feline companions.
For example, besides replacing fur with plush suede, the Sphynx prefers to leave its poop uncovered in the litter box.

Pisces: British Shorthair

Whether you consider their adorable eyes or the simple fact that they sleep for 10 to 16 hours a day, everything about this cat breed resembles Pisceans and their sleepy ruling planet, Neptune. Gentle in their temperament, they are sweet and sociable with their favorite humans and other cat friends.

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