Discover what kind of witch you are according to your zodiac sign

Discover what kind of witch you are according to your zodiac sign. Photo: Pexels
Discover what kind of witch you are according to your zodiac sign. Photo: Pexels

It was easy to believe we were witches as children. All we had to do was imagine that we had supernatural powers, and suddenly we were flying on enchanted brooms, brewing miraculous potions, and casting spells with a magic wand. Nothing could break our fantasy.

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However, as we continue into adulthood, this belief in witches starts to fade. Society’s expectations clip our wings, reality sets in, and responsibilities become more important than daydreams.

But if you believed that you’re no longer a witch, you’re completely wrong. Your inner witch never dies, and your magic can be reawakened whenever you wish. By remembering the type you are according to your zodiac sign, you’ll be unlocking the power that has long remained hidden.

Aries: Storm Witch

You possess the intense and overwhelming power of weather coursing through you. Manipulating lightning, thunder, wind, and rain, you can conquer anything with the influence of the atmosphere by your side.

Taurus: Animal Witch

You’re deeply attuned to the realm of animals and can summon earthy creatures to aid you. Even the fiercest predators trust in your energy, and there’s no doubt you have several animal friends at your disposal.

Gemini: Enchanted Witch

You’ve gained the trust of the fairy world. You can travel there whenever you please and communicate with magical creatures whenever you need help. They say you leave a trail of fairy dust wherever you go.

Cancer: Heart Witch

The home and hearth are where your witch’s heart resides. Enchanting your home with magical and protective energy and crafting healing potions from your personal cauldron, you are a witch in the most traditional sense.

Leo: Divine Witch

You have an open portal of communication with any deity you desire. Summoning the wisdom and aid of a god or goddess of your choice is what gives you strength. Perhaps it’s because you’re also part of a deity.

Virgo: Green Witch

You hold the power of the natural world at your fingertips. Communicating with Mother Nature, gathering magical herbs, and absorbing the elements, you become one with all the energy surrounding you.

Libra: Love Witch

You’re a witch sought after by lovelorn seekers. You can brew the most alluring love potion, connect the perfect pair, and attract any mortal with your powers of seduction. Being a love witch is stronger than anyone imagines.

Scorpio: Spiritual Witch

You’re the witch who can communicate with spirits existing in the afterlife. Be it loved ones who have passed on, guardian angels, or mysterious entities, you can always ask them for help and guidance.

Sagittarius: Territorial Witch

By nature, you’re a traveler. Your strength lies in being able to fly to distant lands and cross the borders that separate realms. Whether you’re flying on a broom or in astral projection, you’re always going somewhere.

Capricorn: Enchanting Witch

You’re enchanted by the riches found on earth. Whether working with a crystal, a gem, a talisman, or a stone, you can absorb all their power. You’re also the witch entirely connected to the magic wand.

Aquarius: Chaos Witch

You’re the witch who breaks rules and rebels against injustice. Some may consider you a risk, but even your witch companions admire you for being brave enough to stand against your foe if they’re wrong.

Pisces: Sea Witch

Your powers are rooted in the depths of the sea. Amidst the intensity of breaking waves, the magic radiating from sea shells, and the healing properties of saltwater, your strength comes from the ocean.

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