Feng Shui in the Laundry Room: How to Apply It in the Laundry Area

Feng Shui in the Laundry Room: How to Apply It in the Laundry Area
Feng Shui in the Laundry Room: How to Apply It in the Laundry Area

Feng Shui always recommends that all areas of the house be energetically balanced.

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Every space or corner in the house, no matter how small, holds significance for energy circulation and harmony within the Bagua sectors for the people living there.

If anyone doubts the importance of the laundry room, conduct a simple test: remove the laundry area from your home. Now, start thinking about what you’ll do:

– Where to place the bin that collects waste? In the living room, perhaps?
– Where to wash clothes? In the kitchen sink? Under the shower?
– Where to put the washing machine? In the dining room?
– Where to hang the clothesline or clean laundry? Over the master bedroom’s bed?
Indeed, the laundry room is highly functional for everyone in the house. Thus, it’s crucial to take good care of it.

Considerations for this space:

– Avoid accumulating clutter, debris, trash, empty boxes, newspapers, and magazines. Keep the area consistently clean.
– Maintain organization! After house cleaning tasks like washing and ironing clothes, tidy up and organize the laundry room. Avoid letting it become a “messy zone.”
– Watch out for leaking water pipes and leaks. Repair and conserve water.
– Attend to maintenance and painting needs.

Decorating the laundry area to activate the Bagua

You can energize your laundry area with:
– Pots of plants and natural flowers near windows or in corners;
– Hanging ferns from the ceiling;
– Crystals and colored stones;
– Wind chimes on the ceiling;
– Water prisms when sunlight hits.

We can decorate the laundry room with:

– Wall paintings. Paint them yellow to activate the prosperity sector or pink to attract more love;
– Place small pictures with different motifs and colors;
Flowers to activate the family or relationship sector;
The sun motif to activate the success sector;
Images with maritime themes to activate the work sector.
We can activate the Bagua sectors falling within the laundry room by using colors associated with each sector.

For example:

A white washing machine activates the friends’ or children’s sector;
A blue or gray bucket activates the work sector;
A red broom and mop activate the success or wealth sector;
A pink wall activates the love sector;
A green clothespin activates the family or prosperity sector.
In summary, with a bit of imagination, care, and good taste, you’ll have a well-energized laundry room.

Photos: Pexels. Text by Franco Guizzetti.

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