Get ready for chaos, because Mercury retrograde is back

Get ready for chaos, because Mercury retrograde is back
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The stars are looking really chaotic right now. Aries season made everyone feel connected and ready for action, the recent eclipse turned everyone’s life upside down, and now? It’s Mercury Retrograde time!

This Mercury Retrograde will occur from April 1st to 25th in the sign of Aries, so the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel the heat the most at this time. Leo and Sagittarius, however, will have a little more ease.

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This Mercury Retrograde is in your sign, so you’ll be the most affected (sorry!!!). Watch your mouth: you’re more likely to use wrong words and speak ill, so thinking before speaking is extremely important. Also, try to keep your temper under control. If you start any fights, you won’t win.


You have enemies praying for your downfall, Taurus. They might be fake friends or dubious coworkers, but it’s probably an ex of yours. Not necessarily an ex-lover, just someone who used to be important to you. Instead of starting a fight and being aggressive, try to squash it the best way possible. You might even be able to move on as friends. It’s not really likely, but it’s possible!


Your friend group is playing musical chairs this Mercury Retrograde. People are getting exposed as fakers, haters, and players, so you’re not sure who to trust. Rumors are flying, people are talking smack, and it all comes back to you. If you’re the one being shady, then they’ll certainly hear about it too—just a heads up. Keep things simple: focus on getting closer to your friends who really matter, weed out the enemies, and expect to find new replacement friends in the future!


Everyone’s eyes are on you right now, so you’d better be very careful during this retrograde. There’s a lot of miscommunication happening at work, especially with your boss. You need to mind your p’s and q’s, Cancer, because what you think is an innocent comment or question can come off as rudeness or even insubordination. Also pay special attention to the details of any project you’re working on. Try to avoid turning in your final results before the retrograde.


Mercury retrograde is famous for technological glitches, transportation issues, and scheduling mishaps. If you’re traveling this spring, make sure you arrive on time and fully prepared. Your opinions are also being challenged during this retrograde. Misunderstandings can easily turn into arguments or direct fights, so I encourage you to practice patience and keep an open mind. It’s okay if people have different opinions, you know!


This Mercury Retrograde is trying to help you organize your finances, Virgo. If you haven’t been keeping track of all your accounts and borrowed money, things could get a bit complicated. I know it’s hard to come by money right now, but if you can make payments or start saving some money to pay off loans, I suggest you start now because you’ll likely face unexpected additional bills and expenses. On the bright side, if someone owes you money, you’ll surely get paid soon.


The relationship zone of your chart is being activated by this Mercury Retrograde, so there’s potential drama with your boyfriend or best friend. It’s by no means the end of the relationship, but Mercury Retrograde is here to help you work through the issues. Focus on being a strong communicator and an active listener and encourage your partner to open up too. PS: You’re very likely to encounter one or two exes soon, so be careful!


If you’re feeling unwell, do a check-up. This Mercury Retrograde is in the health/wellness zone of your chart, so you’re feeling amplified symptoms right now. If you’re not eating right, not staying active, or not sleeping enough, the side effects are becoming strong. Don’t worry—this is just an exaggeration of the symptoms you’ve already been feeling. Establish healthier habits now, and they’ll stick around for a long time.


You’re having an easier time with this retrograde, Sagittarius. The romance, sex, and fun zone of your chart is being lit up by Mercury Retrograde right now, so there’s a chance of running into old flames—and I’m not talking about someone you dated for five years, I’m talking about people you didn’t really have anything serious with. This is an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle, if you want to. There’s potential for bedroom issues, but you should use this as an opportunity to try something fun, “eccentric,” and new! Don’t stress, you got this!


First off, you can expect a dishwasher, a microwave, or some other household appliance to break soon, because this Mercury retrograde is in the 4th House of your natal chart, which rules your home. Try to fix it yourself or at the very least avoid requesting a replacement before the retrograde. There’s also the possibility of communication breakdowns and even major arguments or fights with your family or roommates. Keep a cool head and try to talk things out. Finally, this is a bad time to move or buy property, so if you can wait until the end of April, I suggest you do. If you can’t, check each sentence of the contract three times.


Start using spell check in all sent messages, Aquarius, and check your spam folder regularly. This retrograde is all about communication mishaps, so you’re missing calls, forgetting to send important emails, and unintentionally ghosting people left and right. A little mindfulness goes a long way right now. I strongly recommend you think before you speak or send.


You need to rebalance your budget, buddy. Frivolous spending, too many “treat yourself” days, and other forms of financial irresponsibility are affecting you. In fact, your bank account might start to look a bit empty if you don’t act soon. This is a time when surprise bills can come in, so you’ll want to be prepared for everything!
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