How the ‘dark side’ of your sign affects your relationship

How the 'dark side' of your sign affects your relationship. Photo: Pexels
How the ‘dark side’ of your sign affects your relationship. Photo: Pexels

Each person has certain aspects of their personality that they are particularly proud of and that others perceive as positive, and the same can be said for each zodiac sign.

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For example, perhaps the boldness of Aries and the go-getter spirit can be a great advantage at work, while the deeply caring nature of Cancer makes them a caring and loving friend.
However, even our positive points can be less than desirable under the right circumstances – just as each zodiac sign has strengths, each one also has a dark side, which can emerge in all areas of life, including romantic relationships.

The role that the dark side of your zodiac sign plays in your romantic relationships


It’s no secret that you act before you think sometimes, Aries. In many cases, your audacity is an advantage, but for some, this rashness and impulsivity may seem less than considered. To ensure your behaviors aren’t misinterpreted by your partner, Aries, slow down and consider your words and actions and how they will be received.


Taurus, there’s a reason why your sign is symbolized by the bull. Your determination can be interpreted as being difficult, stubborn, and overly slow to change. Try to relax a bit, because compromise can be great in relationships.


It can be difficult to hold your attention, Gemini, so you might lose interest in a romance if you feel bored or forgotten. This can be a great mechanism to ensure you’re getting what you want, but it might make you seem flighty. Instead of moving on so quickly, take stock and decide if there’s something worth working on and, if there is, take steps to get back on track.


Caring for and protecting those you love is part of how you show your affection, Cancer, but sometimes it can seem smothering or overly protective, it may sound like ‘I will protect these people at all costs’ and you may lose rationality. As much as you want to nurture and protect, remember that you can’t always do this. Do things on your own, so that your loving actions are more appreciated rather than resented.


Leo, it’s no secret that you love the spotlight, but although in many ways this charisma is welcome, your inclination for drama can sometimes seem over the top. Don’t start disagreements just to keep things interesting and make sure to read the room and tone it down if necessary.


Always a perfectionist, Virgo, your meticulousness and attention to detail may come from a good place, but your notes can seem critical and nitpicky. Instead, work on softening your approach and providing feedback gently.


You always seek balance and justice, Libra, but sometimes you get lost in your diplomacy, which can cause your needs and feelings to be overlooked. Your need to make everything fair and not take sides can also seem superficial. Set and maintain healthy boundaries to ensure your needs and desires are met and watch that your constant compromise doesn’t lead you to harbor resentments towards your partner.


Your deeply rooted desire for control fuels your need for concealment and mystery, Scorpio, but make sure not to push your partner away because of it. As difficult as it may be, try to let your guard down and not always be on the defensive.


You are the free spirit of the zodiac, Sagittarius, and you don’t let anyone get in the way of your journey and exploration – not even your loved one. But your need to always be independent and on the move can mean that you leave your partner out, and you may seem reckless or indifferent. Make sure to inform people about what you’re doing.


Your caution and ability to plan can serve you well in many domains of life, Capricorn, but this same trait can hinder your romantic endeavors. Since it takes a while for you to open up to someone, you may find that you’re so cautious that you don’t allow for spontaneity or openness. Try to be a bit more spontaneous and put your planning block aside once in a while.


You root your actions in logic, Aquarius, and you deeply care about the facts. Sometimes, you may rely too much on thinking and not enough on feeling, so it may seem like you’re discounting your partner’s feelings; you may be prone to intellectualizing other’s feelings, which creates emotional distance. Remember that love and affection involve both the head and the heart.


You’re always the romantic, Pisces, and your expansive imagination and ability to dream fuels this. You’re prone to escapism, so you need to be careful not to get so infatuated with someone that you nurture illusions about the true nature of the relationship. Keep your head and heart in the clouds, Pisces, but come down to earth for a reality check often enough to ensure your affections aren’t misguided and are reciprocated the way you deserve.
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