How to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart

Como conquistar o coração de um homem de câncer
How to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart. Photo: pexels

Your Cancer man is a big flirt, but you’re not sure if he’s really into you or just being cute. It may require you to take the right steps to succeed.

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Check out the information below to know how to win the heart of a Cancer man:


Be charming, very sweet, loving and compassionate. Talk about how much you love children and wish to have your own family. If you already have children, talk about them. The Cancer man will want to hear about them and how you feel.

Ultimately, the Cancer man is looking for a woman who fulfills the roles of partner, wife and mother to his future children (or the ones already existing). He needs to see that your heart and soul are about nurturing.

Support anything he openly shares with you. Whether it’s his dreams, goals, or how he feels. He wants his partner to be his best friend and not just his lover. The Cancer man looks for a woman who is beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside. He needs to know how generous you are, how much you want to help others and any other comforting qualities you might have.

Open up and don’t be afraid to show him your secrets. You have a better chance of winning his love by being transparent with him than being reserved or withdrawn. There are many other women vying for this man’s attention. You need to go above and beyond to get his attention and then make sure his heart stays with you.

Be an Elegant Person

Although he doesn’t mind someone being cheeky, he prefers you save that for the bedroom. When in public, he wants a person who is elegant and presents herself as a true lady. He will definitely want his partner to be elegant around his friends and family. He wants them to think she’s pure, loving, and compassionate, and that’s what you need to show them.

Be Polite and Sweet

Actually, it’s quite simple. You don’t need to act as if you’re part of a royal family, but you need to have good manners. Cancer men don’t like women who lack manners, are noisy, and unpleasant. There’s a time and place for everything and you should know what role you’re playing at a certain moment. Of course, when you start having children, you’ll need to plan for them too. Your role as a mother will be a big part of your relationship or marriage with the Cancer man.

Dressed to Impress

Normally you wouldn’t think of dressing in a certain way to win a man’s heart, but then again, this is the sensitive Cancer man we’re talking about. He wants a woman who looks good no matter where they’re going. You’ll want to look clean, organized and harmonious.

It’s okay if you wear jeans and T-shirts, as long as they don’t look dirty or crumpled. You can even wear clothes that accentuate your curves. He will especially love it if you wear tops that accentuate your breasts, since he loves breasts. He loves cleavage.

In fact, if you’re already involved with him, don’t be afraid to wear sexy lingerie underneath your clothes so that, when you’re intimate, he has a present reserved just for him. He’ll love it if you play dress-up just for him too. He’s the kind of guy who will drool watching you do a fashion show for him. Try it, but make sure to wear high heels!

Meaningful and Cute Gifts

Como conquistar o coração de um homem de câncer. Foto: pexels
How to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart. Photo: pexels

Cancer men respond well to thoughtful gifts that come out of nowhere. It’s better when he doesn’t expect or suspect. Give him things that will truly make him feel flattered and honored by your sweet consideration.

You can send him practical gifts, like giving him things you know he needs for his hobbies or his job. If he’s mentioned something and you’ve paid attention, you might know what he wants or needs. You can also pay attention to the fashions he likes, electronic devices, or gadgets.

The Cancer man loves the best of everything. He loves elegance and everything that’s “in style”. He will definitely appreciate any and every effort you make to impress him and show him how much you’re willing to give to him. Feeding him, especially with homemade food, is definitely one of the best choices for the Cancer man. He loves having food prepared for him with the love of a good woman.

This shows him that you’re capable of taking control, handling business, fulfilling his sexual desires and cooking incredible food. He will surely see this as an exceptional quality for you to be a wife and mother too. This will earn you huge points!

If you don’t know how to cook, you can ask him to join some cooking classes. It’s something you can do together and learn to cook for him at the same time.

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