How Venus in Leo Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

How Venus in Leo Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign. Photo: Pexels
How Venus in Leo Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign. Photo: Pexels

Put on your favorite party dress! Venus in the sign of Leo gives us many reasons to celebrate. What are you most proud of? What makes you stand out in the crowd?

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Charismatic and full of self-confidence, you will be surprised to see how Venus in Leo 2023 will affect each zodiac sign. Not only will it go retrograde from July to September, but this transit will also trigger significant breakthroughs in the process.

With that said, you will definitely want to take note of where this fixed fire sign lives in your chart, as there will be greater emphasis on that area of your life. After all, there’s nothing that Venus in Leo loves more than public displays of affection.

How Venus in Leo Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign


Grab your favorite childhood photo and create an altar for your inner child. Otherwise, when was the last time you enjoyed a celebratory night? The planet of love is spinning through your fifth house of authenticity, creativity, and heart-centered self-expression, which means it’s time to put your talents on display.
You’re a magnet for compliments and affection this Venusian season, and your theatrical personality makes you even more irresistible. (Think about it: your fiery ruler, Mars, is also energizing this area of your chart!) As for Venus retrograde, you should jot down your creative ideas and inspirations between July and September. Romantic adventures from the past may also resurface, so keep your head held high and show them what they’re missing.


Home is where your heart is, and the party, so gather your best friends because you’re the ultimate host. This is also an excellent transit for family gatherings and fun activities that bring you closer to your loved ones. Now, in addition to having your celestial ruler, Venus, sweetening things up in your humble abode, you also have moody Mars adding fuel to the fire.
Those of you thinking about redecorating your living space, don’t hesitate to take the creative lead as long as you’re mindful of your spending. Venus retrograde will be especially significant for you, as Venus is your planetary ruler, not to mention the backspin in the most personal sector of your chart. Themes related to family possessions, childhood inheritances, and/or close relatives can be explored.


It’s hard to use your inner voice when Mars and Venus are in Leo, let alone kick-start your chatty third house of communication. Thankfully, there’s nothing you enjoy more than telling dynamic stories and… well, the tea will be hot now that the planet of love is dazzling this area of your chart.
Whether it’s through direct messages on Instagram with your crush or in the break room with your favorite coworkers, there’s no denying your theatrical and charismatic personality. You’re already a brilliant conversationalist, so go ahead and grab the microphone. Remember that between July and September, Venus retrograde is likely to inspire you with an influx of ideas, whether creatively or in relation to your personal life. You’re naturally fickle, but it can be challenging to stay present in this moment. Make sure you’re communicating clearly and jotting down your musings.


Remember who you are and don’t be afraid to prioritize your personal values. You’re worth more than you believe. Although, for better or worse, your relationship with money and your sense of self-worth are being brought to the surface at this time. This is especially true with Venus making its grand debut in Leo and your second house of money, finances, and possessions in search of stability.
Feeling the desire to splurge? Venus already yearns for the finer things, but the glitz and glamour tend to turn up a notch (or two) when transiting lavish Leo. Additionally, Venus will retrograde in this area of your chart between July and September, where you may encounter a new awareness regarding finances and/or your sense of security overall.


Not that you’re not ready for your close-up, but everyone is watching you and for more than one reason. In addition to having Mars and now Venus in your sign, your ruler (the Sun) is also illuminating your 11th house of social contributions and sense of belonging in the world. Reflect on your personal brand and unique identity. After all, you’re more likely to connect with potential suitors in this dazzling transit, whether for personal or professional reasons.
More importantly, Venus will retrograde in your sign between July and September, and no, it doesn’t hinder your birthday festivities. In fact, this is an opportunity for you to take care of your personal appearance or perhaps update your wardrobe selection. Warning: steer clear of cosmetic procedures and risky makeovers that have the potential to go south.


Relax, Virgo. Lady Venus is joining entrepreneurial Mars in the sign of Leo – through your dreamy 12th house of closure, inhibitions, and unconscious patterns – presenting you with an opportunity to become acquainted with your personal life behind the scenes. And while you’re compassionate by nature, it’s important to exercise discernment when it comes to the sacrifices you consciously and/or unconsciously choose to make.
This is also a wonderful time to check in with yourself and enjoy some well-deserved alone time. Activities where you can reconnect with your Zen are suggested (a day at the spa, meditation, yoga, etc.). Venus will eventually go retrograde, and this can bring awareness to the relationship patterns you unconsciously signed up for, while others of you find the willingness to let go of a romantic partnership once and for all.


Your social media content is booming, but then again, it’s hard not to double-tap when you’re Venusian and irresistible. Plus, it’s not every day that your delightful planetary ruler passes through your 11th house of soirees, friendship, and social contributions. You’re living and showing the world the true story of a brilliant socialite.
Mars is also igniting this area of your chart, which means if you’re suddenly falling in love or desiring romantic attention from an acquaintance, it’s likely to fizzle out as quickly as it starts. On July 22, your ruling goddess will go retrograde, which is where things are set to get interesting. For example, if you’ve surrounded yourself with surface-level energies that don’t genuinely support your unique talents or simply aren’t aligned with your future goals and aspirations.


Spruce up your LinkedIn profile and replenish your business cards! Venus will join your co-ruler Mars through the sign of Leo, and your 10th house of authority, reputation, and worldly legacy. Whether professionally or in terms of finances, Venus brings out the best in you as you’re as diplomatic as celebrated for your work ethic at this time.
This is when the stars align for a well-deserved promotion, while others may be sending out resumes in hopes of landing their dream job. The irony of this spotlight, however, is that Venus will eventually go retrograde in this area of the map, but it doesn’t diminish your appeal. In fact, if you were thinking about launching your own business or perhaps connecting with a mentor who could help elevate you, now is the time to do so. My advice? Put together a portfolio of your work.


Are you ready to take the stage? Everything from your unique perspective to the creativity behind your personal experiences is under the spotlight of this Venusian transit. Everyone has something that sets them apart in the crowd, but it’s up to you to stand firm in what you believe in. However, whether through travel or through a higher form of education, this is an opportunity for you to reconnect with the desires of your heart and what essentially has the power to ignite your soul.
Remember that Venus will retrograde in this area of your chart between July and September, which means that amidst the expansion of your horizons – through relationships and/or financial opportunities – it’s important to remain humble and keep an open mind. You learn something new every day, and there’s much to learn about yourself in the process.


Intimacy and sexual chemistry are the main concerns with Mars and Venus stirring up your eighth house of shared resources and energetic exchanges. Although, despite your lust for life and insatiable desire to merge, you’re being confronted with the shadowy attributes of your love language and individual desires.
Is there an equal amount of give and take in this transaction? Are you confident in vocalizing your personal needs? There’s anger and passion surrounding your connections, but with Venus going retrograde on July 22, there’s an opportunity for healing and reconnecting with your sense of self-worth. This is especially true for those of you who have experienced power dynamics in your intimate connections, whether financially or when it comes to ego investments.


We all get by with a little help from our friends, but you won’t settle for anything less than the royal treatment. After all, with Venus dazzling your committed seventh house of partnerships, agreements, and significant others, you’re not only more present than ever in your relationships but also delight in the unique attention that comes with it.
This is an excellent transit for personal and professional collaborations, specifically those in which you can shine in your authenticity. More importantly, though, Venus will be retrograde in the sign of Leo between July and September. And while you’re craving harmony in your individual connections, you may realize which relationships require more time, energy, and sacrifice, whether for your sake or theirs. On a brighter note.


When we feel better, we do better, and you’re seeing it firsthand with Venus dazzling your sixth house of health, daily affairs, and acts of service. Whether personally or in terms of your occupation, Venus’ journey through the vivacious sign of Leo is not only energizing and motivating you but also ensuring that the sun shines on your unique gifts daily.
You’re as productive as you are inspired and may also receive praise and encouragement from those you regularly connect with. As for Venus retrograde, however, this is an excellent time for detoxing, cleanses, and/or much-needed organization in your personal space. You have the courage to maximize your day in the best way possible, and the more authentic you are in your approach, the better.

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