Humor: 4 zodiac signs that are mentally unstable

Humor: 4 Tierkreiszeichen, die geistig instabil sind
Humor: 4 zodiac signs that are mentally unstable. Photo: pexels

In the astrological chart, there are 4 zodiac signs in which mental stability is not their forte. They are quite unstable, and their mood can easily and quickly fluctuate.

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To face our daily challenges in life, to stay strong and not panic over minor confusions, we need to be mentally strong and stable to handle all our problems.

Some people are extremely good at these things because they are mentally very strong, while others are not as good. They are mentally weak and somewhat unstable. And these individuals can be identified based on the personality traits of their zodiac signs. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are mentally weak and unstable.


Cancerians are ruled by the moon and highly affected by its phases. Their emotions can rise and fall very rapidly. They can be extremely happy today but angry, depressed, and teary tomorrow. It is very unpredictable to say how a Cancerian would feel at any given moment. They can feel everything more deeply and can get hurt very easily. Therefore, this unstable nature makes them emotionally weak.


Librans are the epitome of balance. So, when they are off-balance, it can affect their emotional state. And sometimes, they lose balance when they want to achieve something. But being out of balance makes Librans unstable and disturbed.


Scorpions are similar to Cancerians. When they are hurt, their emotional state is devastated. They are intense individuals who can also feel things deeply. And they expect the same level of honesty from their loved ones. So, if they are betrayed, it is almost impossible to bring them back to their happy phase.


Pisceans are intuitive, sensitive, and dreamy individuals. When their mood shifts, they can become emotionally unstable to a great extent. But since they can channel emotions into art and music, they can easily get back to their good mood.

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