Is Gemini the most unfaithful sign? See 31 characteristics of Geminis

Is Gemini the most unfaithful sign? See 31 characteristics of Geminis
Is Gemini the most unfaithful sign? See 31 characteristics of Geminis

Joyful, communicative, and intelligent. They talk a lot and seduce even more. Who has never fallen in love with a Gemini? And are you in doubt if they are unfaithful? The answer to your question is in item 21. But by the time you get there, you will have fallen in love with the other characteristics.

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Let’s try to describe, in a simple way, how Geminis are, after all.

1 – In a simple way, it will be impossible because Geminis are not simple people.
2 – They are simple in their way of being, in their tastes, but psychically and emotionally, we can expect one of the most complicated beings in the zodiac!
3 – They are two: one day sun, one day rain.
4 – Or one hour laughter, another hour anger.
5 – Or on one day they’re in love and seductive, and the next day they don’t even remember you exist.

6 – That’s right. This guy can drive an unsuspecting woman totally crazy, or angry, or murderous! And the Gemini woman can also drive a man crazy…
7 – Geminis never grow up, they are eternal children, eternal teenagers.

8 – If you don’t like this childish behavior they have, it’s better to look for a Capricorn person. They are serious but often boring!
9 – Geminis are joyful, communicative, and intelligent.
10 – They talk, a lot, they talk and talk without stopping!

11 – And they laugh at what they say, they laugh at you, they laugh at life, but always in an intelligent way.
12 – Stupid Geminis usually die at birth.
13 – And they write very well too. Very well!
14 – You know that guy who, in the middle of a beer party (yes, because Geminis love beer), starts reciting a piece of poetry?
15 – How not to fall in love with a Gemini?
16 – But be careful! If you’re a water or earth sign, it’s better not to risk it!

17 – If you’re a fire or air sign, you can handle life and the relationship the same way they do.
18 – Geminis fall in love! But they fall out of love with the same speed as they fell in.
19 – And they hate mentally slow people.
20 – They can complete the sentence you started without any scruples!
21 – They are unfaithful. Period. They may not finish what they started, but they can’t live without seduction!

22 – It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, or 90 years old. They will seduce you!
23 – After all, when do they take life seriously?
24 – At school, college, work (but only if they do what they like).
25 – In love? They can take it very seriously and when they get attached, they get attached for real!
26 – They are capable of ridiculous jealousy scenes and of biting their nails when they feel insecure.

27 – In fact, insecurity is their name. Remember they are teenagers, and does anyone know any secure teenagers?
28 – Want to conquer them? Don’t push it, let them do their tricks and don’t ask for anything.
29 – They get hurt easily.
30 – And they have fears, very intense fears. They need to feel secure in a relationship.
31 – But as I said, get used to their seductive ways. Most of the time, it doesn’t go all the way.

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