Money Horoscope: Financial predictions for the 12 zodiac signs in August

Money Horoscope: Financial predictions for the 12 zodiac signs in August. Photo: Pexels
Money Horoscope: Financial predictions for the 12 zodiac signs in August. Photo: Pexels

The money horoscope for August 2023 will help you prepare and plan for expenses to be incurred during the month.

Different planets and houses are responsible for gains and losses. When the transit is activated, the mentioned houses and planets increase or decrease your wealth.

Jupiter is in Aries, although on the axis of the nodes, it is a beneficial planet.

Mercury, the significator of money, will be retrograde on August 23 and will enter combustion on August 29. This will cause a drop in the overall financial scenario at the end of the month. Find out how this will affect the financial horoscope for August 2023 for all zodiac signs.

The Sun is the source of all wealth. It will enter the zodiac sign of Leo on August 18, its own sign. Venus, the significator of money and luxury in retrograde motion, will re-enter Cancer and become direct on September 5. People will hesitate to invest in general and not buy expensive things.

Saturn, the planet of karma, is already in retrograde motion in Aquarius. All solar signs need to be mindful of professional growth, investments, and spending during Mercury, Venus, and Saturn’s retrograde movement. The money horoscope for August 2023 will help you cope with your financial problems.

If life were predictable, it would cease to be life. You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated. Let’s see what the month of August has in store for you financially.


The natives of this solar sign will be well in this month of August, especially in the second half. This is a good time to invest in acquiring new skills. This will not only broaden your horizon but reap rich dividends in your field of work. Finances will be good. Profits will come from all directions, and this will be a good time to expand and grow professionally. It is a good time to invest. The tip is not to neglect your money and to be attentive to paperwork before investing.


People of the Taurus solar sign will be a little disappointed this month. Work will be slow, and despite all the efforts, you may not be able to achieve the desired results. Expenses will increase to undesirable levels, and there may be some losses. Traveling for work or otherwise may not be profitable. The advice this month is not to make large investments and stay away from trading.


For Gemini sign natives, August will be a good month in terms of opportunities. You need to be alert and ready to grab them. You may receive a very lucrative job offer or a promotion in the same organization with a big salary hike. Work-related travel may be beneficial, and new avenues for growth may open. This transit may create chances for you to win the lottery or a cash prize. Your past investments will yield rich dividends, and you may make some wise and profitable ones.


Natives of the Cancer solar sign will be struggling this month with their finances. Money will come, but expenses will be very high. Some family commitments may also dent your bank balance. It’s not a good time for any change, either in work or business, likely it won’t be fruitful. Avoid changing your job or the nature of the business for some time. Any collaborations or partnerships should be postponed. Some past investments may be a cause for concern, and it’s not a good time for major financial deals.


The native of the Leo solar sign must make the most out of this transit as the stars are ready to favor you in your ventures. You will not only enjoy financial security but also job satisfaction. Any expansion plans you have will materialize. Businesses will flourish, and people in jobs are likely to receive promotions and increments. You may win some awards and receive commendations. Investments made earlier will be fruitful, and you are likely to make some more valuable ones.


Natives of the Virgo solar sign will have a good start to the month but will end on a moderate note. Some unexpected problems will slow down your progress, and some blunders on your part are indicated. You need to be careful while dealing and communicating with your colleagues and bosses. Rehearse your words before spilling them. Be prepared for some losses.


Natives of the Libra sign will be overburdened without satisfying results. The advice is to plan well and delegate some of your work. Things may not go as planned, and the onus may fall on you. Income may be less than expected, and you may be financially constrained. The positive side is that as the month progresses, things will improve, and some semblance will be achieved in work and finances.


Natives of the Scorpio sign will have a slow start in August due to some delays in project completion and some obstacles. Finances may get drained and leave you restless. Stars predict that your rivals in work and business may gain over you, but your hard work and enthusiasm will help you overcome the situations. By the end of the month, things will improve.


This solar sign with Jupiter as its ruling planet is ready to prosper this month. You will receive compliments for your accomplishments and admiration for your hard work. The stars foretell satisfaction and growth at work – be it a job or business, financially you will be accumulating money. The advice is to control your spending and extravagances.


Natives of this solar sign will face ups and downs in August. Your expenses will skyrocket and you will have difficulties to cover your costs. You may have some disagreements and divergences at the workplace and the lack of cooperation from colleagues will slow down your work pace. For a venture to succeed, teamwork is important and you need to work on it.


Natives of this solar sign will face some financial twists and turns this month. Colleagues and workers will not cooperate and you will have difficulties to meet your goals. Disharmony can cost dearly and lead to the cancellation of projects and orders. The advice this month is to keep your workforce happy and by your side.


Natives of the solar sign Pisces will have an average month. The work pressure will be high and the returns will be low, causing dissatisfaction and restlessness. Your expenses will considerably skyrocket and you may have to review your budgets. Your competitors will dominate the roost and you may be struggling. In the second half of the month, things will turn in your favor. The tip is to stay alert from the start of the month.
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