Ranking of the most arrogant zodiac signs

Ranking of the most arrogant zodiac signs. Illustration Signo.net

Think of someone who personifies arrogance! You probably thought of someone quickly, right? It means it’s not difficult to tell when someone is being an idiot, and arrogant behavior isn’t far from it either.

There are arrogant people who are so full of themselves they could walk around with a mirror all day and it wouldn’t seem strange. And then there are those who think they are much better than everyone else in every possible way – intelligence, appearance, personality – and can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t be in love with their arrogant self.

And finally, you have people whose arrogance is just AVERAGE. Like the villain from all the old movies who reeks of superiority and rudeness.

And according to astrology (you know I had to put that in there somewhere), your sign is responsible for all that arrogance. Check out the ranking of the most arrogant zodiac signs now!

5th Cancer

You probably wouldn’t have thought Cancer would be one of the most arrogant signs, right? Don’t underestimate it too quickly. What makes their arrogance dangerous is that they have a way of manipulating you into agreeing with them about everything. Are they the best at arguing their point in a conversation? Probably not. But they know how to persuade you into thinking you’re the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about! This manipulation technique can be used in hundreds of different ways, all of which Cancer doesn’t mind using to get what they want.

4th Capricorn

Capricorn is the kind of person who learns everything about a subject they have absolutely no interest in, just to knock you down with facts and make you feel like a fool. When you don’t know something they do, they can become incredibly condescending. Why? Because it makes them feel better knowing they’re smarter than you and can prove it.

3rd Virgo

Virgo doesn’t care what YOU think of them, and they don’t care about your opinion either. In fact, they’re delirious thinking that being a perfectionist is a good thing, even though it just makes them unbearable to be around.

2nd Leo

Leo is almost as arrogant as they seem, but they’re arrogant for a completely different reason than wanting to be right all the time. It’s no secret that Leo can sometimes be very superficial. Always wanting to look good and be the center of attention usually comes with a sense of superiority. And yes, Leo has a very inflated ego.

1st Taurus

What makes Taurus undoubtedly the most arrogant sign isn’t just because they’re full of themselves. It’s the fact that they’re so stubborn and uncompromising that even if you wanted to disagree with them on something, you’d just be wasting your saliva and time. Being around a Taurus when they’re acting arrogantly is frustrating because they’re not the type to back down on anything.

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