Ranking of the zodiac signs that change their mood the most

Ranking of the zodiac signs that change their mood the most. Photo: pexels
Ranking of the zodiac signs that change their mood the most. Photo: pexels

The Gemini sign can be considered the most inconstant in Astrology. The mood changes of this sign occur due to the Gemini having a mind that never stops. The Gemini mind is always in search of novelties and needs to be doing something.

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When Gemini finds something to do, talk, gossip, read, study, flirt, research and so on… this generates immediate joy. But not every hour has novelties and when there is nothing to do, the boredom process begins. And the result we already know, right? Sadness, discouragement, bad mood.

But suddenly, the Gemini receives an unexpected message, a last-minute gossip, an invitation to go out, for example, and the joy instantly returns. Understand? It’s a cycle: novelty – joy – boredom – sadness.

The Water signs, especially Scorpio and Pisces, absorb the problems and feel the energies of the environment and this causes their mood to also suffer changes. In the case of Cancer, besides this characteristic, they are ruled by the Moon, a satellite that is constantly changing. Legend has it that the mood of Cancers varies according to the phases of the moon.

In which position is your sign in the ranking of the signs that change their mood the most? Find out below:

1. Gemini
2. Cancer
3. Pisces
4. Scorpio
5. Libra
6. Aquarius
7. Sagittarius
8. Aries
9. Leo
10. Virgo
11. Taurus
12. Capricorn

ATTENTION: Do not confuse “mood changes” with bipolarity. Bipolarity is a mental illness and is related to the process of sudden mood changes with bouts of depression and moments of euphoria that can last weeks or months.
For this reason, let’s be careful when saying that such sign is “bipolar”, this term should not be used. The correct term is INCONSTANT.

Source: @astroloucamente

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