Sign Combination – Aquarius and Aries

Sign Combination – Aquarius and Aries. Illustration:

Discover who your sign best matches with: Aquarius and Aries

This is a combination that can work well because both share the need for freedom and mental exchange. There is movement, but Aquarius is quite mental, while Aries is viscerally passionate.

Aquarius can teach Aries to think before reacting, but Aries will not be able to make Aquarius act and react emotionally in any way. This can be a point against or in favor of the relationship, depending on how each one can handle it.

Aquarius is rebellious and adventurous and cannot live without a cause to defend, even if it’s in their own neighborhood.

Aries has a similar idealism, as they love to feel like the hero in search of saving the weak and oppressed.

In this regard, they match immensely because from this point, they can build a great friendship.

The most interesting thing here is that they fight for similar causes; otherwise, the stage for disagreements and disputes may be set, as both are convinced of their own truth and need to have the last word.

In an argument, Aquarius usually wins due to excess rationality and intelligence.

The mental exchange can be intense, and this will be a point where the union will strengthen.

But let neither of them try to dominate the other or make them change their minds.

This battle will be lost on both sides.

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