Sign Combination – Aquarius and Virgo

Sign Combination - Aquarius and Virgo

Discover who your sign matches most with: Aquarius and Virgo

The common point between this couple is the love for intellectual and mental activity. However, Aquarius’s airy quality, always dreaming of an idealized and different world from what exists, will leave Virgo tremendously irritated.
Aquarius is a curious sign, ruled by two completely different planets from each other, and for this reason, many Aquarians experience a serious conflict between maintaining tradition and living safely, or venturing out and seeking the new.

Virgo is a simple, earthy sign, who likes to live their day-to-day life with the simplicity of life itself, without major questions or plans that put their security at risk. It’s a sign of work and routine. Aquarius’s side linked to tradition will greatly appreciate the security that Virgoans can provide. However, the adventurous side linked to the new may get bored, as they will consider life lived in this way extremely dull.

Most Aquarians have a contemporary, social side, linked to friends, political activities, and everything modern and innovative. They question everything that comes their way, from the politics practiced in the condominium to the way the Universe works on behalf of God. Aquarius is a complex sign, averse to personal problems and hates having to deal with the dull routine of work and bills to pay.

Virgo is the opposite: simple, earthy, and linked to the food it produces, linked in a somewhat neurotic way to its body and health. However, this duo can get along and build a beautiful friendship and mutual respect.

But in love, they have almost nothing in common, except for the need for long conversations, but they may present interests that are always different. If there is no empathy in almost anything, the bed will also be compromised.

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