Sign Combination – Cancer and Leo

Sign Combination – Cancer and Leo. Photo: Pixabay

Sign Combination – Cancer and Leo. Photo: Pixabay

Cancer and Leo: Are they compatible?

Cancer is a child of the water element, while Leo belongs to fire. Both are signs that value fidelity and loyalty, but each in its own way.

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The determination and objectivity of Leo will make the heart of our Cancer friend beat faster.

Cancer’s need for protection is met, and the Cancer individual feels as if they are at home, giving them security and the feeling of being with family.

The problem begins when Leo starts showing that well-known facet: believing they are the center of the universe.

At first, Cancer doesn’t mind, as this sign is nurturing, affectionate, and always available to make everyone completely comfortable.

However, as time goes on, it’s possible that Cancer may harbor resentment and hurt feelings, not understanding so much individualism and egocentrism.

If Leo recognizes the immense sensitivity of Cancer, everything becomes easier.

There’s a fundamental challenge in understanding when talking about unconscious energies, as being a child of water and another of fire, there’s a natural obstacle to empathy, unless in one of their charts there are other compatible aspects.

Another issue may arise when Leo wants to flaunt their magnificent mane around, and Cancer, being possessive and jealous, starts to get upset. When this happens, Cancer’s worst side is revealed: the manipulative and blackmailing side comes to the fore, and Leo won’t stand this facet of their personality.

Leo doesn’t like vague, unclear expressions and might get irritated with Cancer’s tendency to beat around the bush instead of getting straight to the point. Leo loves parties, meeting friends, events, and traveling, while Cancer prefers hosting friends and relatives at home.

Cancer is deeply connected to their family, and their primary goal is to build a serious relationship and, if possible, marry.

Cancer is calm, insecure, reserved, and wears their heart on their sleeve. Leo is expansive, talkative, showy, and individualistic. Both have much to learn from each other if they wish to maintain a good relationship.

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