Sign Combination – Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Combinação de signos – Sagitário e Sagitário. Foto: Pixabay
Combinação de signos – Sagitário e Sagitário. Foto: Pixabay

Discover which signs match best among all the zodiac signs: Sagittarius and Sagittarius

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This encounter will certainly be filled with optimism, joy, and a lot of passion.
Especially optimism and joy will be the biggest characteristics of this couple for most of the time.

We are talking about two people who live their own lives in the name of movement, pleasure, and expansion and growth, both materially and mentally and spiritually.

Both have a very positive way of looking at life, even in moments of difficulty.

They will be happy if they can respect each other’s personality and identity, if they can deal with the mirror, that is, with the truth of themselves reflected in the other.

The spirit of adventure and a taste for change and travel will be a strong point in the affinities and fascination between the two.

And as long as this remains an important aspect in the relationship, they will remain united to each other.

They are like two teenagers always ready for new adventures and exotic outings, always willing to meet new and different places and people.

Freedom will be a strong hallmark of this duo, as one knows exactly the need the other has for space and moments with friends.

Problems begin when the boundaries of everyday life start to emerge: bills to pay, routine, tedious work, household chores, and raising children.

Anything that can imprison them in an unpleasant routine can begin to undermine all the happiness and joy of the couple.

Sagittarius is the child of Zeus, the great god of Olympus, a lover of pleasures that everything and everyone can provide.

Trivial matters like bills are not part of their life plan and it takes years and years for them to accept this condition, if they ever do.

Nothing that holds them captive and makes their lives dull is part of the needs and desires of this curious sign, and certainly one will try to shift the responsibility for these tasks onto the other.

The unstable and volatile way of living life can also be a big problem between the two.

The lesson is for both to learn to give up some things in the name of each other’s happiness, as they are both very similar.

If this doesn’t happen, demands will come one after the other, and that will definitely cool the relationship.

Photo: Pixabay

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