Sign Combination – Virgo and Libra

Sign Combination – Virgo and Libra
Sign Combination – Virgo and Libra. Illustration: Condutta

Discover who your sign matches with the most. Virgo and Libra

This pair isn’t exactly a balanced duo. They lean more towards indifference as they lack any real attraction to each other.

Virgo is an earth sign, methodical, serious, reserved, and averse to social activities. They prefer trips where they can have direct contact with the earth, the adventure of hiking or eco-sports, always more inclined towards rural activities than urban ones.

Libra is charming, socially active, and attractive, loving parties and gatherings with friends and people of all kinds.

Libra is refined, whereas Virgo is more natural and spontaneous. Libra can’t live without the other, needing constant contact with people, unlike Virgo who is perfectly fine alone, especially when surrounded by books or work.

Virgos love a library, while Libra will always prefer a fashion show. Libra is the sign of exchange, balanced love, and relationships.

Virgo is averse to any display of affection and tenderness, more closed off, more serious, more critical of social superficialities.

Both are emotionally closed off, but Libra can speak of love and demonstrate it through more affectionate gestures.

Both have a cold, rational side, which can make things very difficult since open fights may hardly occur.

The only common ground is their love for culture and intellectuality. Both are discreet and enjoy good conversations, permeated by intelligence and intellectuality.

But Virgo is more critical and profound than Libra. Initially, Virgo may even be attracted to Libra’s charm and good taste, however, over time, differences will surface one after another.

There’s a difference in temperaments and tastes that may be hard to overcome. In bed, they might also not click.

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