Sign Combination – Virgo and Taurus

Sign Combination – Virgo and Taurus. Photo: Pixabay

Virgo and Taurus: Are they compatible? Find out with whom your sign is most compatible.

A combination of two earth elements always runs the risk of becoming somewhat unromantic or, in other words, overly practical. This might be great for a Virgo as, even though they are ruled by the earth element, they are extremely cerebral.

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For Taurus, the lack of romance might feel like a lack of sustenance, and they could starve from this deficiency. Overcoming this hurdle, this can be a good match since both share the characteristics of earth signs.

Thus, there’s a significant chance of developing a stable and long-lasting relationship, much like the earth itself.

Both share the need to build a secure and structured material life through work, which can be a significant bonding point for them.

Shared projects can also be an essential aspect of this relationship, as material growth and the need for constant work is a strong trait of both signs.

Taurus can teach the austere and authoritative Virgo the finer pleasures of life, like the value and importance of a good meal, a fine wine, and of course, a comfortable bed.

Virgo might be shy and reserved in this department, and Taurus, through their gentleness and affection, can show the challenging Virgo the importance of freedom in this area of a shared life.

Because inhibitions and sexual repressions certainly aren’t part of the Taurus vocabulary, and they should not get influenced by the potential Virgo neuroses in this domain.

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