Sign Combination – Virgo and Virgo

Combinação de signos – Virgem e Virgem. Foto: Pixabay
Sign Combination – Virgo and Virgo. Photo: Pixabay

Discover which signs combine best among all the zodiac signs: Virgo and Virgo

Two strong and similar personalities can be good, but two Virgos together must know where they’re stepping and can be very happy together.

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However, they must let go of authoritarianism, bad mood, and the need to have the last word. Yes, because Virgo is one of the most authoritarian signs of the zodiac, if not the most. Everything must be done and executed their own way, as their critical sense does not accept anything less than perfection.

In addition, Virgos have a serious difficulty in connecting with the emotional world, both their own and that of the people they live with.

They have quirks that must be respected. They need to understand that they have a great difficulty in receiving and perceiving what is good in their lives and in the lives of those they love, as their quirks and the need to constantly criticize, observing the imperfections in the environment and in people, end up destroying the attempts and qualities of the other.

Only a Virgo can fully understand the difficulties of another and, with tact and care, one can help the other with this neurotic quirk that can hinder the flow of a calm and spontaneous relationship.

Virgos have an almost submissive side, despite their authoritarianism, as they are a service-oriented sign and, for this reason, they love to serve. This relationship can work very well if boundaries are well established and there is plenty of goodwill and consensus, in addition to love, of course, which should be delicately shown, even if it is through actions and not physical affection or words, which is one of Virgo’s difficulties.

The need for organization and material accomplishment can be a positive point in this relationship. But affection can be compromised, as Virgo is reserved, shy, and often even prudish.

It is not a sign known for passionate outbursts, so love will be controlled. However, in bed, they can get along very well, as being earth signs, sensuality naturally springs forth.

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