Signs Combination – Pisces and Cancer

Combinação de signos – Peixes e Câncer. Foto: Pexels
Combinação de signos – Peixes e Câncer. Foto: Pexels

Pisces and Cancer

Discover which signs match best among all the zodiac signs

This pair lives on the edge of emotion, as their name suggests. They undoubtedly form the most sentimental and romantic duo in the zodiac.

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Love, romance, nurturing, pampering, melting, and everything that a “sappy” couple is entitled to, this duo will have in abundance.

They just need to be careful with the excess of sweetness, which can lead to a certain isolation from the world, and the construction of a separate world for two, apart from the real world.

Love springs at first sight, or at the first chat, but the first meeting will already be significant.

Identification and empathy will be instantaneous, as the way they face and deal with life is very similar. Also, the way they perceive love and relationships will be identical, and passion will quickly arise.

The fear of showing their feelings may delay the start of the relationship a little, but this fear is not of involvement, but of rejection, of non-acceptance, and the fear of being inadequate.

One of them will have to take the first step, and this will be the main point for the relationship to happen. Once this stage is overcome, everything will run smoothly. Neither of them fears commitment, which happens naturally.

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The excess of emotions, romance, sharp intuition, the need for care, affection, and security are characteristics of both.

Fights will hardly ever happen, given the high sensitivity and respect of both.

Material security will probably be in the hands of Cancer, who has an easy time dealing with money, since Pisces has many difficulties in dealing with the material world.

But the love and affection that these two signs can provide will bring the necessary security to build good stability and mutual trust.

The emotional intensity of each one will be affirmed during intimacy, which will be another strong point between this interesting couple.

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