Star Sign Combination – Pisces and Aries

Star Sign Combination - Pisces and Aries. Photo: Pixabay
Star Sign Combination – Pisces and Aries. Photo: Pixabay

Arians are passionate, impulsive, and extroverted individuals, while Pisceans are extremely sensitive, emotional, and introverted.

Discover which signs best match among all the zodiac signs: Pisces and Aries

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Two signs so different should not insist on something more serious and deep, especially Pisceans, as they might get hurt.

Aries is quarrelsome and doesn’t take insults lightly, besides being aggressive and authoritative.

Pisces is highly sensitive and usually doesn’t react to provocation or fights, potentially becoming too passive, even out of fear of Aries’ intensely visceral reactions.

There might be an attraction initially, as the meeting of Aries’ assertiveness and objectivity with Pisces’ sweetness might lead to mutual enchantment. However, over time, the feelings developed won’t be the most beautiful.

The sensitivity of Pisces will be shaken by Aries’ need for conquest and competition, and it’s precisely this excess sensitivity that will trigger Aries’ famously unbearable irritation.

Pisces is passive, Aries is aggressive and reactive. Their independence and spirit of adventure might initially charm the dependent and needy Piscean, but over time, these characteristics that initially enchanted may become the primary reasons for discussions.

Pisceans don’t like conflicts, don’t adapt well to confrontations, and prefer to stay quiet, even in the face of a great offense. Irony, provocation, frustration, and feelings of guilt are triggered, causing unhappiness for both.

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