Star Sign Match – Leo and Leo

Star Sign Match - Leo and Leo. Photo: Pixabay
Star Sign Match – Leo and Leo. Photo: Pixabay

Find out who your star sign matches the best – Leo and Leo

Two Leos together can surely cause a stir, but they should never, under any circumstances, decide to engage in competition.

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People born under Leo are children of fire, and this is undoubtedly one of the most cheerful and lively signs that exist.

This pair can be quite interesting, as they both have creativity, a capacity for accomplishment, strength and determination, and a heart as big as the world.

People of this sign are not afraid to love, to fall in love, and to demonstrate this love, so the hallmark of this couple will always be true, loyal and faithful love.
Leos value ethics and loyalty in relationships and always tell the truth. They cannot lie, as their sense of truth and ethics quickly brings a feeling of guilt that gnaws at them.

However, there are some issues in this relationship. Firstly, the excess vanity of both, as well as the need to be the center of attention. The dispute for any of these positions can be a focal point of fights and discussions between the two.

They are proud and selfish, and must learn from each other to set aside egocentrism and look at their surroundings. The lesson here is to let go of oneself and consider the other’s needs. Love and affection will not be lacking, as both are ruled by the Sun and by their hearts.

Since they belong to fixed signs, the durability and stability of the relationship will be preserved, and both will fight for this.

The ego must be set aside so the relationship can survive, as there is a massive potential in this relationship.

Fights should be avoided, as neither of the two likes to lose. The battle would be long and exhausting.

Luxury, comfort, and wealth will be valued by both, who will do everything to achieve material stability as well.

The Leo’s authoritarianism won’t fit here, as neither of the two will allow anyone to dictate rules to them.

Therefore, the best they can do is to set clear boundaries for their territories.

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