Stingy, me? The 5 most miserly zodiac signs

Stingy, me? The 5 most miserly zodiac signs
Stingy, me? The 5 most miserly zodiac signs. Illustration:

These are miserly. Check out the list of the most miserly.

1 – Capricorn

You know that saying that every Capricorn is stingy? It’s true. Capricorns lead the ranking of the most stingy. But they don’t consider themselves stingy, of course, and say they are just careful when it comes to money.
And they want a lot of money, power, status, and everything that society respects as synonymous with success. Capricorns are children of the earth element and ruled by Saturn, the strictest god of the zodiac. We can say that, alongside Taurus, it is the hardest-working sign of the zodiac.

Capricorns possess profound wisdom about life on earth, the material world, and everything that symbolizes it. That’s why they value money very, very much.

2 – Taurus

Taurus is miserly, stingy indeed, they don’t like to put their hands in their pockets for anything because if they spend what they have, they start to feel insecure. They are known for being materialistic, and they are.
But they have a different kind of materialism from Capricorn, who wants power. Taurus wants security. All the security that a fat bank account can bring. They are ambitious, hardworking, and need to produce. Taureans are children of the earth element and ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

3 – Virgo

They are practical – the most realistic of all signs – and need to build a well-structured routine, with defined schedules and intense work to feel balanced and alive.
With money, it’s no different. Virgo is among the most arrogant of the zodiac. Oh! And selfish too. Also in this case, with money, it’s no different. So, draw your own conclusions. Stingy or not?

4 – Cancer

Cancer is traditionally the sign of the family, as well as very conservative. They get too attached to people and things and are difficult to let go of, you know? Even those things that no longer make sense, whether it’s an object, a house, or a relationship.
Because they don’t “let go,” they end up being unlucky. They grab your money and don’t let go. Just like that. They are loyal, emotional, sensitive, and… controlling!! Don’t be fooled, they will control you, your life, your schedule.

And be careful with your money.

5 – Scorpio

Power is all they desire. Be it in relationships, career, daily work, relationship with children, wherever.
They exude power from every pore. And since money is power… You know, right?

They end up being stingy too.

They are distrustful and possessive of people and events.

And they cannot bear the idea of separation from anything or anyone they love..

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