The 3 most incredible signs in bed!

Signos mais s... do zodíaco. Fotos: Pexels
Signos mais s… do zodíaco. Fotos: Pexels

Have you ever slept with someone who made you feel so good that you couldn’t even formulate sentences to explain? No matter how that relationship ended, chances are they were one of the most sexual zodiac signs, and if you haven’t slept with one of them yet, you definitely should, at least once in your life.

This doesn’t mean that other signs are not capable of performing miracles in bed. It’s just that sexual prowess tends to come more naturally to three signs: Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio (with Leo and Virgo as runners-up).
If your sexual partner’s Mars sign – which reveals how they deal with passion, desire, lust, and their most erotic tendencies – happens to fall within the aforementioned trio, you will also notice their particularly impressive skills between the sheets.

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Aries: the wild animal

When an Aries wants something, they want it now – that includes the person they want to drag into the bedroom and make love to as if there were no tomorrow. They will chase you as if you were the sexiest person who ever existed, as if they would burst if they didn’t get their hands on you.
You’ll feel so desired that you won’t be able to say no. They are known for throwing you onto the nearest surface and knocking everything out of the way. The only thing on their mind is you.

While they may not be known for a long, slow buildup of foreplay, their wild, sweaty, and explosive passion makes up for it. Sex with an Aries is more thrilling than a roller coaster ride and will certainly be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Taurus: the pleasure giver

Unlike Aries, Taureans love foreplay. This sign is perfectly attuned to all five human senses, and they will make you feel aroused in every area. They will caress your skin until it’s on fire, kiss you until your lips tire, talk dirty with you until your imagination runs wild, and they will look at you as if you were the most magnificent creature they’ve ever seen.
All of this will push you to the limit, and you will already be begging for them to have sex with you. When they do, it is the most satisfying experience there is. Sex with a Taurus leaves you feeling replenished in so many ways, as if you were a mess before they put you back together with love.

Scorpio: the orgasm inventor

Scorpios are famous for their skills in bed; they are the most sexual sign in the entire zodiac. Some people may talk about their Scorpio ex as if they were the worst person in the world, but they can’t help but sigh at the memory of how mind-blowing and transformative the sex was.
Scorpios hold as much emotion as they do ambition, and they bring both qualities into their sexual experience, creating the most intense journey of your life. They are also intuitive about your needs, delving deep into the corners of your soul and unearthing all your secret desires, only to deliver them with astonishing talent.

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They never allow a sexual encounter to be disappointing, giving their partners everything they have as if it were their last night. Capable of gentle and romantic lovemaking as well as a tumultuous and passionate frenzy, they will provide exactly what you crave.

Source: Elite Daily

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