The 4 most psychopathic signs of the zodiac

The 4 most psychopathic signs of the zodiac
The 4 most psychopathic signs of the zodiac. Photo: Pixabay

No matter how vigilant we try to be, at some point, we fall into the trap. Psychology says that there is an epidemic of psychopaths in this planetary moment, and you have probably fallen into the hands of one, whether in a romantic relationship, a professional setting, or that friendly guy who turned out to be just another snake out there.

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We all have a shadow, that dark side we are afraid to show even to ourselves. But some signs have this shadow more evident; they have less control over it than others.

After all, which are the most dangerous signs of the zodiac? Those with a greater tendency towards psychopathy? Those who have that mischievous, sarcastic, and often cruel side?


Of course, you already imagined who takes the trophy for the champion of evil. I’m not saying that every Scorpio is evil or dangerous, but when they decide to seek revenge or manipulate someone, there is no one who surpasses them! Manipulation, sarcasm, and sadism are real characteristics of the Scorpio shadow. Therefore, know how to deal with them… Don’t let them realize that you know their weapons.


Capricorns are among the most upright and ethical signs of the zodiac, but the sign does not define character, and the Capricorn shadow is not far behind the Scorpio shadow. When it comes to coldness, they top any ranking, and don’t even try to take away their power. They will trample over you like an elephant over an ant and will maintain their status, no matter who it hurts or what it costs, without guilt.

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You know that cute, gentle Libra who is super concerned about how you feel? Be careful! They carry within them the Arian shadow! But why does Libra come before Aries in the ranking of the most dangerous signs? Very simple: they never show this side under any circumstances; they disguise it, slip away, and only use their cards when strictly necessary. As the saying goes: every Libra is a well-mannered Aries.


Ah, the lovely and passionate Leos, right? Yes, especially when they dominate and control. Does anyone know a Leo who accepts not wearing their crown as King of the jungles? You don’t know and won’t know. Leos want power, and until they reach the throne, they won’t rest. Don’t be fooled by their charm and friendliness… They will do whatever it takes to get there.


Virgos love to portray an image of rationality and sensibility. And they are indeed rational and sensible, you can believe it. However, every Virgo has a general inside them who wants to give orders and command. This is because Virgos carry the sweet illusion that they are always right, and if you do things differently from them, well… You did everything wrong. They command and manipulate. If you agree, okay, if not, they will walk away.


Aries have a fierce side, but I put them in the last place of the ranking because they are too obvious. Their shadow is not far behind in terms of malevolence compared to the mentioned signs above; however, they are very blatant! They are so uncontrolled that they cannot coldly manipulate anything. They are visceral. You know exactly when they don’t like something, and when they decide to seek revenge against you, which gives you enough time to defend yourself!

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