The 4 signs that play the victim the most

Les 4 signes qui se font le plus passer pour des victimes. Photo: Pexels
The 4 signs that play the victim the most. Photo: Pexels

Is there anything more annoying than manipulative people who love to play the victim? One thing is connected to the other; do not be fooled.

Every “victim” is also a habitual manipulator. Normally they touch your heart and want you to feel pity and compassion.

There are some signs that are postgraduates in this victim role. Normally, they are the water signs, followed by the air signs.

The signs of fire and earth, in fact, hate when they are pitied and will do everything so that you see them as victorious heroes, never as victims.

See which are the four zodiac signs that play the victim the most:

1) Cancer: expert in victimization

Cancerians, without any doubt, are the most expert in victimization in the zodiac. If you have a Cancerian mother, you know what I’m talking about. They are capable of anything to get what they want from you.
Stay alert, as they know how to manipulate situations very well so that you feel sorry for them. They always go for the emotional, showing some unbearable pain.

2) Libra: will deceive you

Librans, for those who don’t know, are not very given to efforts and, if they can transfer the most difficult missions to you, have no doubt that they will make you feel sorry for them.
They may even present themselves as incapable, they will seduce you, say that you would do much better than them, in short, they will deceive you and you will fall like a duck in Libran victimization.

3) Scorpio: unscrupulous

Scorpions are the most cunning, the least childish and, when they decide to play the victim, you better be prepared.
They will use every weapon they have at their disposal, because at these times, they don’t have many scruples.

They use the mother, the father, the son, whatever and whoever is necessary to make you feel sorry for them.

4) Pisces: believes he is a victim

Pisces often live in this role, because sacrifice is one of their life mottos.
Sometimes they don’t even realize it, but many of them live this character in real life. Every care is little, every attention is small when it comes to Piscean victimization.

They embody this role so well that they themselves believe they are the victims in almost all situations.

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