The spiritual meaning of the total solar eclipse and new moon of April 8th

Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible from Brazil.

Every new moon is a good time to refresh, reset, and maybe perform one or two rituals, but the new moon entering Aries on April 8th might inspire even more changes than usual. Add the solar eclipse scheduled to occur on the same day and it promises to be a powerful celestial moment.

The next new moon will occur on April 8th, says Letao Wang, astrologer and spiritual advisor, and will also mark the beginning of a total solar eclipse, which according to NASA, is expected to start at 3:07 PM (Brasilia time), but unfortunately, the phenomenon will not be visible from Brazil.

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Michelle Bell, founder of the Cosmic Fusion astrology app, says this special new moon represents the synergy between the sun and the moon and will also symbolize new beginnings, deep emotional rejuvenation, and shedding of old skin.

“New moons are seen as a time to plant seeds of intention for what you want to cultivate in the next lunar cycle,” Bell told Bustle. “This time, it’s about setting goals, making plans, and laying the groundwork for the future.” Oh, and maybe go out to see the moon block out the sun.

Here’s what you need to know about the spiritual meaning of the April 8th new moon and how to embrace its energy.

The spiritual meaning of the April new moon

Like all new moons, the one on April 8th will symbolize a fresh start and a chance to redefine your intentions, but being located in the sign of Aries, you’ll likely feel much more confident than usual about making a change.
As a fire sign, “Aries is known for courage, leadership, and a pioneering spirit, which further strengthens the [themes of the new moon],” says Wang. So instead of just daydreaming about your goals, you’ll latch onto them with extra determination.

With all of Aries’ energy circulating in the ether, you might even find a few more opportunities to take risks or make bold decisions, and your instincts will urge you forward. Watch out for moments when you can stray from the traditional path or take small risks, whether in your career, in a relationship, or just for fun.

“The theme of Aries is ‘I am,’ [so] this is a zodiac sign that emphasizes the importance of our personal identity and ourselves,” says Wang. “It’s time to consciously decide who we are and who we want to be, rather than what is expected of us.”

The energy of the solar eclipse

While witnessing the total solar eclipse on its own is amazing, it will also amplify all the unique effects of the Aries new moon.
As Bell puts it: “The solar eclipse amplifies the energy of the new moon, marking it as a time of significant changes, unexpected developments, and powerful revelations that can redirect our paths in life.” As Wang says, you can think of it as the new moon on steroids.

It’s also worth noting that the new moon and eclipse are happening during Mercury retrograde, which began on April 1st. “Mercury retrograde, famous for its mischievous antics, promises a whirlwind of flashbacks,” says Wang, so you might hear from someone from your past or notice other quirks throughout the day.

How to work with the energy of this moon

April’s new moon is the perfect time to learn more about yourself, says Wang. Try some rituals and practices to work with Aries’ energy.
Create a mind map

“Taking time to jot down in a journal can be extremely rewarding,” says Wang. While scribbling, he recommends reflecting on how you feel now, where you’d like to be in the future, and any barriers you’ll need to overcome to get there.

For a bit more structure, try creating a mind map. “Setting clear, achievable goals and outlining steps to achieve them in the near future is essential,” he says.

Prepare your space

“During eclipses, I prepare my space by cleaning it well and lighting candles with the theme of the zodiac sign in focus,” says Wang. “For this new moon eclipse in Aries, selecting candles with themes around courage, freedom, independence, and bravery aligns well with the sign’s energy.” Think of candles or scents with a spicy aroma that remind you of a moment of adventure in your life.

Dress in red

Since Aries is a fire sign, go ahead and add more red into your life as a way to embrace its fiery, courageous vibe. Grab a bouquet of orange flowers, put on your favorite red shirt, or get a crimson manicure. It’ll be a bold nod to the new moon and a reminder to be even braver.

Get up and move

According to Wang, any physical activity will be aligned with Aries’ dynamic energy. On April 8th, schedule some sweaty moves into your day, like a walk, a run, or a climb. Playing fun, upbeat music will also solve the problem.

Gather your crystals

“For those who incorporate crystal work into their practices, fire quartz, red jasper, carnelian, or garnet can amplify your energy during eclipse meditations,” says Wang. Hold one while you meditate or place a particularly shiny crystal near you while you write in your journal.

Source: Bustle

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