The top 10 weaknesses of Cancerians according to an astrologer

The top 10 weaknesses of Cancerians. Photo: Pexels
The top 10 weaknesses of Cancerians. Photo: Pexels

Cancerians are compassionate, caring, and excellent at making emotional connections with others. However, these cosmic crabs are also known for being temperamental and hypersensitive – so if you accidentally hurt their feelings, you’ll have to watch out for those sharp claws!

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Cancerians have countless positive qualities to be celebrated, but learning about the biggest weaknesses of the zodiac sign Cancer allows us to know all the details behind this water sign.

Being a cardinal water sign, Cancerians are deep-feeling empaths who cherish the comfort of home. That said, their affectionate sensitivity can sometimes make those around them feel like they’re walking on eggshells. But we’re not here to speak ill of them.

Whether you’re a Cancerian or not, getting familiar with the most significant vulnerabilities of the zodiac sign Cancer will let you understand their most intimate and realistic sides.

1 – They can be grumpy

There’s a reason Cancerians are represented by the crab symbol! These sensitive individuals tend to get irritable and touchy, which can sometimes make them retreat into the solitude of their shell, shunning the outside world.

2 – Their moods fluctuate often

A Cancerian’s mood tends to change as frequently as the moon changes phases in the sky (after all, they’re the only sign ruled by the moon in astrology). One minute they might be laughing at a joke, and the next they could be crying to the tune of a sad song. This can be hard to understand for people close to them, especially if they aren’t in the same emotional wavelength as the Cancerians.

3 – They’re super sensitive

Cancerians are highly sensitive, often taking things personally or misinterpreting others’ words or actions. Even the most subtle shifts in someone’s energy can trigger a Cancerian’s concerns, so it’s crucial for them to express their feelings and be straightforward instead of internalizing them and making assumptions.

4 – They can be closed off

Speaking of being candid about feelings, that can be challenging for a Cancerian, despite their high levels of emotional intelligence. Like the zodiac crab, Cancerians tend to hide in their shells and push people away if they feel overly exposed, vulnerable, or overwhelmed.

5 – They’re somewhat passive-aggressive

Soft-hearted Cancerians have delicate feelings that can be hurt quite easily – but they don’t like any confrontation. That’s why instead of expressing their frustrations or resentments with others directly, they often resort to being passive-aggressive, displaying silent aggression like using sarcasm to “jab”, irony, sulking, not talking about the issue, being moody, changing their tone of voice, or holding long-lasting grudges.

6 – They give too much of themselves

Being one of the water zodiac signs, Cancerians are deeply in touch with people’s feelings and wish to use their intuitive gifts to support them. However, the habit of filling others’ cups and never refilling their own can leave Cancerians drained and worn out.

7 – They often dwell on the past

The sign Cancer is linked to the nostalgic fourth house of the zodiac, related to our childhood, memories, and emotional roots. This influence explains why Cancerians can cling to the past so easily. Many Cancerians find themselves emotionally tied to past relationships or ruminating on old arguments and situations.

8 – They can be clingy

Cancerians are naturally nurturing, instinctively knowing how to provide comfort, security, and protection for others. Sadly, not everyone knows how to reciprocate this kind of care – and Cancerians might start feeling needy and even clingy if someone doesn’t match their level of attention. This can make them more prone to a co-dependent attachment style in relationships.

9 – They’re overprotective

Being the sign ruled by the moon (which is the planet associated with maternal instincts and emotional vulnerability), Cancerians have a fierce desire to shield themselves and their loved ones from any harm. However, this can make them overly protective, even when it’s not needed.

10 – They’re quick to become defensive

Cancerians have tender hearts and sensitive souls – and if they feel threatened or overly vulnerable, their cardinal sign nature of taking charge will jump out and rush to the defense. However, constantly acting as if they’re under attack can make others feel like they have to tread lightly around them. Thus, it’s essential for Cancerians to reflect on their emotions before rallying the troops.

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