These 4 signs can’t keep their word

These 4 signs can't keep their word. Photo: Pexels
These 4 signs can’t keep their word. Photo: Pexels

Some people can’t stay true to their word, but it’s not out of ill intent or because they’re a confirmed liar.

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There are some zodiac signs that tend to promise more than they can deliver, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. She listed the signs that least keep their word for the website Bustle.

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1 – Cancer

Cancerians have no intention of lying or breaking the truth. They’re just more susceptible to change, especially when it comes to feelings, than other signs. “Cancer changes its mind as the Moon changes signs,” says the astrologer.
“This makes the Cancerian often change their vibe and not stick to certain things.” So, if a Cancerian seemed fully willing to help you on Sunday, by Monday he might have found another goal to focus on.

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2 – Libra

If a Libra promised something and didn’t deliver, the chances of them having taken on too much are high. “Being an indecisive sign, of the air element, they often take on multiple projects they can’t handle,” says Stardust.
“Librans bite off more than they can chew because of their peaceful nature.” If they backtrack on their word, it’s because something else came up in the meantime.

And Libra won’t follow through on what they said until they find their own balance again.

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3 – Aquarius

Aquarius is, above all, a benefactor. Or at least tries to be. But sometimes, they want to embrace the whole world. “Humanitarian by nature, they love to help others and sacrifice their own needs for a greater good,” the astrologer explains.
“However, they might overextend with their generosity and feel overwhelmed and tired from putting others before themselves.” If Aquarians feel bad along the way, they won’t be able to stick to their word.

If they break a promise, it might be because their mental health really needed a break.

4 – Pisces

Pisces aren’t usually selfish, but sometimes they disconnect from the planet. “They often escape reality, allowing themselves to live in a beautiful fantasy world,” Stardust says. “Pisceans tend to struggle with daily routines and commitments, simply because they drift into the artistic and spiritual world, using intuition as a guide.” If a Piscean didn’t fulfill an agreement with you, don’t feel bad. The intentions probably weren’t ill, but it’s better not to rely on them.

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