Weekly tarot forecast: be careful with your choices

Weekly tarot forecast: be careful with your choices


The weekly tarot forecast advises caution! Pay close attention to your choices and actions.

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Pay more attention to those around you, even if it means postponing some commitments; love is something to care for every day, otherwise, complaining about a complicated love life later won’t help. The tarot card calling for this attention this week is “The Books,” which means you should live fully.


For those seeking a promotion or some professional novelty, this isn’t the moment, but it’s good to remember that the phase is one of observation; eyes are on your actions, so it’s necessary to make the right choices and use your creativity. The tarot card setting the tone for your professional life is “The Ship,” which means changes are coming, but your actions will lead you to something positive or negative, so do your part to make this your differential.


It’s time to save; avoid unnecessary expenses, tighten your belt, and make sure the essentials are covered. Money isn’t easy for anyone, but with good saving habits and discipline, everything will be well organized; try to remain calm and avoid spending what you can’t afford. The tarot card guiding the week in terms of money is “The Mountain,” showing significant changes, so stay focused.


A very complicated phase regarding health; the tarot card reflecting this complicated energy is “The Tower,” which means extreme caution is necessary; try to be attentive to the signals of your body, as when the mouth is silent, the body speaks.

By Samantha Di Khali

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